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Four Benefits of Corrugated Boxes in Packaging

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Corrugated boxes have been the leading choice for product packaging for a century due to low cost and the benefits of their structural design. Corrugated material are into a series of dips and ridges that form rows of air pockets. These rows then act as a cushion to whatever product is being packaged, protecting it from a certain amount of external harm. These facts remain true even after so much time and now corrugated boxes and now over 90% of all products delivered to consumers or into retail displays have been in contact with corrugated packaging at some point in the past. Although the two advantages listed above are powerful lures, they alone are not enough to inspire such worldwide dedication to this one option for over a century. That requires other major advantages as well, and here follow fou

Is Your Sewer System On Its Last Legs? How New Sewer Technology Could Save Your Business

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Although there are several newer options for sewer repairs and pipe inspection, a surprising number of American homeowners seem to have been left out of the loop. Recent surveys indicate that close to 80% of Americans remain unaware of trenchless drain repair options. Any commercial or residential property with a sewer system more than about 35 years old is a good candidate for new sewer line repair options, experts say.

In the past, sewer and drain replacement often required extensive digging; newer technology, however, can often avoid extensive disruption to landscaping and outdoor buildings like sheds and decks. Many contractors now have the ability to conduct sewer inspections with v

Does Your Home Need Major Sewer Repair?

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You know it is bad when they give a winter storm a name. As Winter Storm Kayla began to form over the Pacific Ocean the last weekend of January 2016, everyone was preparing for its arrival to the plains states of the midwest. Parents were preparing to have their children home from school for at least one day. Grocery stores were preparing for the busiest weekend as shoppers stocked up on the necessities they would need at their home. Homeowners were preparing their snowblowers for the big job of removing up to a foot of snow.
At your house though, the preparations were a little different. As luck would have it the weekend before Winter Storm Kayla made her way across the country, the temperatures were warm and the weather was fantastic. A stroke of luck in a week that was otherwise filled with bad