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Fully Enclosed Server Racks How to Protect Servers and Minimize the Margin of Error

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Server rack cooling system

As we progress further into the digital age, digital hardware is simultaneously shrinking while out-performing earlier models. Today the United States computer server manufacturing industry employs around 9,566 people among 224 server manufacturing companies in the U.S. Many businesses should consider regularly updating their server infrastructure in order to stay relevant and ahead in today’s modern world.

Modern Data Centers

Size doesn’t matter to the world of computer servers. The massive ancient server rooms that many businesses had to once rely on have been replaced with recreational employee areas to the delight of employees. Today a single 19 or 23 inch rack can accommodate anywhere from 42 to hundreds of servers running multiple applications. Determining exactly

Entrepreneur Should be the Word of the Year, Every Year!

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Small business success

It seems that the lifeblood of business lies in the hands of those few extremely motivated people the world has deemed “entrepreneurs.” These people usually share the same story of coming up from nothing, starting a small business, and gradually building their success and their savings accounts from the ground up. But the truth is, these people couldn’t have done it alone. The one equalizer in all businesses is money, and without money, there’s no such thing as starting a business.

Entrepreneurs often work with funding experts to help them get started, and even throughout the life of their business. A company can’t grow without profit, and profit can’t be made without first learni