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Compliance Software Can Give Your Company An Edge

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Quality management systems

Software plays a very important role in almost every facet of a company’s business in today’s world. One of those facets has to do with Environmental Health and Safety functions. If your company has compliance software, its ability to make sure that it meets the standards and practices for your industry are greatly increased.

Relying on employees to communicate non-compliance in these areas may not be the most efficient way to ensure that the company is meeting its expectations. Employees are often hesitant to report on non-compliance issues. Of employees surveyed, 45% of them said that they have a great deal of difficulty reporting environmental issues to their peers or supervisors. This might be for any number of reasons, but feeling that they might be in danger of losing their jobs is probably

What Are Steel Cargo Containers Used For?

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Mobile office

How many uses can one find for a steel cargo container? As it stands — quite a few! Our globalized industry is always looking for effective and durable means of transporting and shielding goods from damage or the elements and nowhere is that more clear than steel shipping containers. However, lay aside the notion that a steel cargo container can only be used for transport! They can be modified in a variety of ways to fit a plethora of different needs, turning into office spaces or garages with a few simple touches. If you’ve considered investing in a steel cargo container for your small or large business, read below to learn a little more about the shipping industry and ho

You Can Improve Your Torque Control Program with These 4 Tips

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Load cell calibration

The application of a specific torque to a nut, bolt or other fastener is typically done with a torque wrench, an instrument developed by Conrad Bahr in 1918. He was working for the New York City Water Department at the time. Calibration of any instrument requires the comparison of two instruments. You should know the correctness or magnitude of one and the other is the one you are measuring. The primary and secondary elements will determine the type of load cell used to sense the force. These are hydraulic load cells, diaphragm load cells, gauge load cells, spool type load cells and ring type load cells. At the end of the day, it is important to pay attention to your torque analyzers and torque control program.

  1. How important is torque control? The fatigue strength of the

Increase Your Site’s Visibility on the Web With These 3 Easy Steps

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Long island logo design

In this day and age, not matter what business you?re in, visibility on the web is crucial to your success. The reason for this is that more people tend to look for businesses and services via the internet than anything else. Furthermore, they?re more likely to do so using a mobile device. To increase your internet visibility, here are some things you can start implementing as early as today.

Optimize Your Website Content
There is more to establishing an online presence than simply creating or having a website. Certain things must be present within your site to increase its visibility on the web. Some things you can do to change this include:

  • Putting your name, address, and p

Cooling Towers Perform Important Functions for Many Homes, Businesses, and Industries

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Removal of organic solvents

Although they are often unnoticed, cooling towers are a part of our every day lives. They help maintain everything from hospitals to schools, from data centers to department stores, and from commercial warehouse to power stations. In all of these settings, the best cooling tower structures are single piece units that require no maintenance and last for years.
Available in a variety of sizes, cooling towers all serve the same basic purpose. Developed to recycle more than 98% of wasted water, cooling towers result in tremendous reductions in water and energy use. These reductions continue to impact the country as these systems grow in both size and popularity.
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Three Reasons Pharmaceutical Serialisation is Here to Stay

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Pharmaceutical serialisation

If you work in any part of the medical industry, you are probably familiar with e-pedigree serialisation. Also referred to as “track and trace pharmaceuticals,” epedigree solutions are put in place to increase accountability in the pharmaceutical supply chain to improve public safety. Issues such as counterfeit medications and pharmaceutical theft create a substantial threat to everyone involved: drug manufacturers, contract packaging providers, distributors, pharmacists, and — worst of all — the patients who take the medications.

The point of e-pedigree serialisation is to track every step of the pharm

How to Choose the Right Document Storage Company for Your Business

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Secure shredding service

Document storage can be a sensitive issue for businesses. For those working in the health industry, state and federal laws dictate the secure handling of patients’ personal information. For other industries, the guidelines may not be set quite so firmly in stone.

Even in today’s digital age, as much as 95% of business information continues to be kept on paper documents. Whatever industry you’re in, chances are you have at least one file cabinet’s worth of paper documents cluttering up your work space. If you’re ready to get them off your hands but can’t throw them out, it’s time to talk to a document storage company.

Document storage companies specialize in the secure storage of paper documents. But not all document storage companies are run the same. The services offered and level of pro

Five Tips for More Efficient Warehouse Operation

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Leasing commercial property

Companies are often under the impression that their distribution warehouse space is functioning to its full capacity, and that as long as everything rolls out on time, it’s fine. However, most warehouse operations could use an update, especially to increase efficiency.

The keys to efficiency are organization, training, and teamwork. Once those are mastered, industrial warehouse space becomes that much more valuable. If you’re looking for a bit of re-organization, here are five tips to help increase your warehouse efficiency.

Profile Your Orders

The most-used SKUs usually change depending on the season, so re-slot your warehouse to accommodate your business model, and review t

Understanding Packaging Options and Clinical Labelling

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Bottle packaging designs

All pharmaceutical packaging requires clinical labelling. The information shared with medicine regardless of whether it goes to a hospital, doctor?s office, or straight to the consumer is vitally important. It is the instruction son how to take it. It includes known risks, side effects, what to expect, and other pertinent information.

The clinical labelling needs to be taken into account when deciding the type of packaging to use. Options for packaging include blister packaging, clamshell packs, bottle packaging, pouches, and more. Blister packs separate the individual pills so that each pill remains sealed until use.

Even among blister packs, ther

What You Need to Know Before Filing For Bankruptcy

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Judge david folsom

Filing for bankruptcy if often considered to be a scary, headache inducing process. But it doesn’t have to be if you know all the facts. Here is everything you need to know about bankruptcy cases in order to stay educated about the process.

The types of bankruptcy

There are three main types of bankruptcy:

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is when your debts are liquidated. This means that credit card debt, personal loans, and mortgage loans are all forgiven. In order to qualify for this method, one must pass a means test that ensures they have a certain amount of income. If they do not, they may have to sell non-exempt assets– think home, cars, boats, other expensive items-