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3 Simple Steps to Using a Comparative Market Analysis to Generate Leads

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When real estate agents are generating leads in the millennial and Gen Y age range, they need to be able to “wow” them with a comparative market analysis presentation. With 34% of homebuyers in 2017 being made up of this age group, real estate agents need to create CMA presentations that are appropriate for this tech-savvy age group. So how can real estate agents use real estate CMA software to generate more leads?

Assess neighborhoods and listings: One of the first steps in creating a comparative market analysis is to do an overall assessment. This assessment should include the neighborhood and surrounding area as well as any listings. In doing this, the real estate agent can gather the necessary information to put together in the report. This report will show prospects the details and information they need to turn them into a lead.

Gather comparative listings: Comparing properties and listings is an integral part of using CMA tools to generate leads. In order to understand the competition in the area, the real estate agent should compare pricing, sizes, and conditions of other listings in the area. When this is done, the real estate agent will be able to compile this information in a report to show prospects what kind of price range can be expected for what they’re looking for.

Prepare final presentation: Once the CMA software has helped the agent gather all of the necessary information, it’s time to put together the final presentation. If an agent decides to send a bunch of different information over at different times, they will probably come off as unorganized and won’t generate as many leads. Instead, CMA reports can compile all of the important information into one easy-to-use area. This way, prospective buyers can be shown a convenient report that has all of the important data organized in an attractive way. This is one the of the easiest ways real estate agents can attract leads and make sales.

Creating a comparative market analysis is one of best ways real estate agents can generate leads. By using CMA software to create a report with crucial information homebuyers need, agents can have a better chance of not only generating leads, but making a sale.