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Which Paint To Use In Your Parking Lot Re-Striping Project

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In 2017 there were 284,626 people employed by the paving industry. Those pavers aren’t dealing exclusively with asphalt either. After paving a new lot or road, there also needs to be asphalt painting in order to provide safety and organization to the new pavement. When it comes to pavement striping there are a lot of choices you need to make before you start spraying paint on concrete. Striping for parking lots can be tricky, making sure each parking spot is correctly spaced, and the spread of slots allows for the maximum number of customers while still allowing for a pleasant parking experience. It’s tricky engineering. Once you’ve worked out all the details with your pavement company, the next thing you need to decide is:

What kind of paint are you going to use?

There are 4 different types of paints that are typically used for projects like this. Each has their own benefits and often will range in price.

    • Water-based paints

      This is the cheapest form of pavement paint available. It can get you that professional look at a low cost and it will dry quickly – generally only 15 minutes. Your parking spaces will be ready for use in no time and you will have saved money in the process. That being said, there is a catch to that money savings. Water-based paints are more vulnerable to the sun’s scorching rays. They tend to fade the quickest and have the shortest lifespan.


    • Oil-based paints

      Oil-based are the next best thing to water. They go on relatively quickly, maybe not a 15-minute turnaround, but they are significantly more durable. Being the second cheapest option they are often the best choice for the economic pavement striping job while providing that desired longevity.


    • Thermoplastic paints

      On the more expensive side, you come on to thermoplastics. These are exactly what they sound like. The paint is laced with plastics that are durable and better able to stand up to the beating of sunlight. The paint will last longer and survive all manner of weather torture. These allow you to paint once and not think about it for a long time after.


    • Reflective paint

      Where thermoplastics contain small amounts of plastic, reflective paints contain bits of glass. Now that doesn’t mean its shard or anything, but it does mean it reflects light. This kind of paint is popular in regions that see a lot of night travel or rain, the reflective surface of the paint allows drivers to see what they’re doing even in harrowing conditions. That being said, it’s not necessarily the best choice for a parking lot. Being on the expensive end, and the nature of its use, unless your parking lot is getting a lot of night traffic this paint will remain a great choice for busy roadways.

By utilizing pavement striping that is long-lasting and durable you are maximizing your cost vs investment. Your customers will be happier for longer and you will have a professional looking lot connected to your business. When you hire a paving contractor to add striping to your parking lot you are helping to employ thousands of Americans.