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Want a Chatbot For Your Site? Here’s What You Should Know

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Research from InformationWeek shows that 62% of businesses said that improved employee collaboration is a top business driver for UC. And part of encouraging collaboration with your business’s clients is keeping communication clear and consistent. While you can’t expect employees to be available round the clock to provide 24/7 support, what you can do is invest in a chatbot for your site using a professional platform. Here’s what you need to know about investing in a chatbot for your site.


What Does a Chatbot Do?

At its most basic level, a chatbot is a type of program intended to closely replicate human speech and interaction. But chatbots provide more than just customer service; they can provide direction and engagement to customers at any time of the day or night to assist with a wide variety of services:



“The opportunities provided by chatbot systems go far beyond giving responses to customers’ inquiries. They are also used for other business tasks, like collecting information about users, helping to organize meetings and reducing overhead costs. There is no wonder that size of the chatbot market is growing exponentially,” says Medium.


Types of Chatbots

There are two basic types of chatbots: simple chatbots and smart chatbots. As its name implies, a simple chatbot is programmed based around pre-set keywords and phrases. These commands must be written by the developer properly, or else the chatbot won’t be able to understand and process the request. A smart chatbot, on the other hand, relies on technology associated with artificial intelligence. As opposed to responding to inquiries with pre-programmed answers, the smart chatbot will respond with substantial suggestions on relevant topics. It also records all of the words in the interaction to process and perfect for use later.

Could Your Business Benefit From a Chatbot?

As mentioned, chatbots help to improve customer service, but they offer two distinct benefits for your customers. Not only can a chatbot offer a more personal form of communication, but they prevent the customer from having to listen to a repeat phone message when they’re on hold. They also won’t have to dig through a long question and answer page to address their specific issue.

Ultimately, chatbots are among the many technological tools that truly innovative the customer service process. For more information about chatbots and other Cisco provisioning manager tools, contact us today.

Taking A Look At The Importance Of A Private Work Environment

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The working environment of the typical person here in the United States has become more open than ever before. In fact, more than seventy percent of the workforce – a total of more than one hundred million people – work in open offices that don’t have the sectioned off offices of years past. In some ways, this kind of set up is beneficial, promoting everything from better communication between employees to deeper levels of collaboration, something that a number of offices are looking for, if not many of them.

But there can be detriments to such a set up as well. First of all, such an environment can be difficult to concentrate in, as it is not unlikely for it to become loud and even a little boisterous. When there are so many people working in one big space, this is only natural and the employees themselves are certainly not at fault. And when working in such as space, it’s likely to see drops in productivity, motivation, and even in the quality of work that is being produced.

How Can I Refocus My Co-Op Program For My Small Busines Partners?

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One of the biggest challenges your smaller business partners are facing is how and what to advertise in the face of a rapidly changing market. for instance, a large chunk of co-op funds is being used on traditional rather than digital tactics by smaller businesses.

It can feel stressful and unfamiliar to your smaller business partners to make the shift away from traditional methods. It’s for this reason that it’s crucial to create a co-op program for your smaller business partners that makes it easy to step outside of traditional methods.

Here are three strategies you can use to better refocus your company’s co-op program to better meet the needs of your small business partners.

  1. Outline your co-op guidelines to make them clear. One reason why businesses often leave their co op marketing funds on the table is that the distributor’s co op marketing guidelines are too difficult to understand. Your guidelines may be overcomplicated if you haven’t fully defined your co-op strategy at the corporate level. Consider going through your guidelines to simplify them, make them more understandable, and outline key items for successful co-op submissions.
  2. Make digital tactics co-op eligible. Now is the best time to start exploring digital tactics related to your co-op program if you haven’t had the time to do it. By allowing your small business partners to use their co-op funds on the types of advertising that best works for them such as digital advertising and social media advertising your brand is more likely to succeed.
  3. Make sure your tactics match up with your corporate strategy. The goal of co-op marketing, both for you and your small business partners, is to increase sales. You’ll want to communicate with your partners about the marketing practices that have been working best for your company. They may be more likely to be open to co-op marketing tactics that use these marketing strategies.

Looking for a co-op agency with MRO marketing services?

Between $14 billion and $35 billion manufacturer co-op marketing funds go unclaimed every year, a fact that’s unfortunate considering the amount of money that can be saved when using them. A co-op agency can help your MRO business navigate co-op marketing so you can take full advantage of your funds.

We offer co-op marketing services, MRO consulting, and sales strategy for distributors to keep your company dressed for marketing success. To learn more about our industrial marketing services and co-op marketing, contact us today.

Services of the GSA

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The General Services Administration, the GSA, is a major federal body that supplies the physical equipment, vehicles, buildings, and legal protection of the federal American government, and this can span work ranging from environmental protection to supplying desks and offices for workers all the way to special operational equipment for police, military, and firefighting services, such as firearm optics, fire and emergency services equipment, and more. A tailored logistics support program may be provided by the GSA to whatever tactical or law enforcement group needs it, and this may include C4ISR systems. Just what are C4ISR systems? What else does the GSA provide for federal services? There is much more to learn about this particular agency.

GSA Basics

Today, the GSA’s Security Schedule spans over 100 subcategories, which are known as Special Item Numbers, or SINs. The GSA’s