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How to Benefit Your Business With Color Coding

Written by Business Success on . Posted in Blank printable circle labels, Colored adhesive dots, Heavy duty colored adhesive tape

If you work in an office like me, than you know how difficult it can be to locate folders that aren’t clearly labeled. Maybe Susan from accounting didn’t file them correctly (again) or maybe they all look too similar to easily locate. An easy fix to both issues is assorted color coding labels. Not only can Susan easily figure out where to put the folders, you also now have a eye catching way of distinguishing them!

The Benefits of a Color Coded System

  • Colored stickers on folders or files can help identify what they are. Whether you are using colored adhesive dots to mark individual files, or colored printable labels this system can be tailored to meet your office needs.
  • With assorted color coding labels you are free to device your own system. Different colors can denote to different parts of the alphabet for easy client name filing, or they can denote specific files and paper document folders tha