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Should My Business Use Paper Or Electronic Invoices?

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Sending invoices to clients is perhaps one of the most satisfying parts of running your own business. Unfortunately, it can also be one of the most time-consuming. When you’re running a business, you might wonder if switching to electronic invoice filing would be more efficient, but there are perks and pitfalls associated with each.


Here are some tips on whether you’re business should choose paper or electronic invoices.




Paper invoices are the traditional way to send bills to your clients. Small business invoice factoring relies on classic pen and paper processing. This gives the invoice creator complete control over the data entry system and you don’t have to run through the gamut of learning a new electronic invoicing software.


This method is a little more private than electronic invoicing but it reduces the transparency between you and your clients. When you’re looking to streamline your company, relying on electronic invoicing methods may be your best bet.




One of the primary benefits of relying on electronic invoice factoring services is that it saves you on postage. Sending electronic invoices is 57% less expensive than sending a paper invoice since you don’t need to rely on paper, stamps, postage, and other fees. Freight brokers love the ease of an electronic service for international factoring and local factoring alike. It can also help you solve the oft-asked question: why get an invoice advance loan?


The speed at which electronic factoring is performed is one of the primary benefits of using this type of service. You also don’t need to worry about undelivered bills getting lost in the mail and it also enables you to offer a prompt payment method associated with the invoice. This is a great option for international freight shipping companies and local small businesses alike. After all, you can use an online small business factoring company from any location and at any time.


Making the transition to online invoicing is easier than ever with our help. Whether you’re looking for a freight bill factoring company or pondering “why get an invoice advance loan” you can rely on our experience for the best invoice factoring around.