3 Reasons Every Office Needs a Paper Shredder

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Why, you ask, do you need the assistance of a paper shredding service? Well, for one thing, it saves the time and money that your employees would spend shredding sensitive and confidential paperwork. A paper shredding service gets it all done in very minimal time. It is estimated that 95% of business information is still stored on paper –generally downsizing on paper is always a good idea, which is why in addition to a document shredding company, you need the help of a a document scanning service to get all of your information fully digitized. All of your important documents will be much safer in digital storage or in the cloud. Plus, shredding is a great way to recycle — the U.S. EPA has found that recycling causes 35% less water pollution and 74% less air pollution than making virgin paper.

Check out other reasons to hire a document shredding service or get a shredder here:

Enhanced Security
After all, even in this digital day and age, there are many things that come in hard copy that carry important and confidential information. Powerful, office grade shredders are able to take care of more than just paper, too — think CDs, identification cards, tape cassettes, and credit cards. These are all things that are important to keep from prying eyes, since they can be used for thieves and hackers to perform theft akin to identity theft.

Reduced Costs
Buying a shredder will end up reducing office costs, believe it or not. Indeed, as documents and other materials pile up while your office waits for a mobile shredding service, you loose money because of being unable to simply do it yourself as you go. A shredder will, in the end, save you money and time. Let your investment pay for itself.

Environmental Friendless
Shredded paper, it turns out, is much easier to reuse than is not shredded paper. It can be used as packaging, and is also much easier composted since the reduced surface area breaks down faster. Secure shredding services make sure that the waste they produce goes to a responsible recycling location.

There are many other reasons why secure shredding services is extremely important to a business. For instance, legal obligation to clients and enhanced waste management comes to mind. In the end, the choice is simple — a shredder is simply the best way to go. There are many ergonomic and beautiful shredders at affordable prices out there these days. Don’t hesitate to get one.

Secure shredding services are there for you to make sure that business can go on safely and without the fear of loose ends getting in the way.

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