5 Tips to Make You Stand Out to Employers

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Looking for employment opportunities? So are a lot of other people. Whether you’re looking for temp jobs or full-time employment opportunity, here are five ways you can separate yourself from the crowd and get noticed:

  1. Solve a problem for the hiring manager on the spot. Most hiring managers are looking for just the right combination of a person for their employment opportunities. They need people who will be loyal and do what they’re asked and what’s needed, but they also need someone who solves problems and can think for themselves. They don’t want people to need to have their hands held every step of the way. Show that you have independent thought and good ideas. If no problem presents itself during the interview, proactively ask your interviewer about the type of problem a new hire would need to tackle. Try to come up with a solution on the spot.
  2. Ask your outside references to call the hiring manager directly. Again, there are fine lines. No one wants to be annoyed by a potential hire or their friends, but if you have a capable and sensible reference calling and raving about your character and the quality of your work, you’re going to be noticed.
  3. Think in advance about the right questions to ask. You want to do your research so you can ask questions that show you are knowledgeable and competent. Know the industry you’re thinking of working for as well as specific employment opportunities they have available. Show that you’re interested in things; not just the basics needed to do this job. Let the interviewer see your intelligence, curiosity, and interest level in the whole company through your insightful questions.
  4. Give a hiring manager a tangible way to remember you. We are not talking about a bribe here. You’re not giving money or things with monetary value. Instead, think about something that connects you to the person you did your interview with, not just on a personal level, but on a professional level. If you mentioned a book or website that’s been meaningful to you, send along a link or even a copy of a book for them to peruse. This goes a long way towards showing that you are thoughtful, proactive, and care about the job you’re considering.
  5. Take the time to write a specific cover letter for each application you make. There are a lot of hiring managers who do an initial weeding out of candidates for employment opportunities just by scanning cover letters. They see a lot of these: they know a form letter very well. When you’re writing, take some time to consider exactly what makes this job different, what you can bring to the company, how you’re different, and why they would be smart to hire you. It also doesn’t hurt to show some creativity and spunk.

When you’re trying to stand out by applying at a job agency, or looking at employment opportunities personally, it’s often the little things that mean the most. Make sure you’re doing everything you can to make yourself stand out, and if not, give some of these tips a try!

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