6 Reasons Why Remote Working Is Awesome

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Working in a traditional, cubicle-based office is becoming a thing of the past. Nowadays, more and more companies are allowing employees to work from home, often referred to as remote work or telecommuting. Rather than having to come to the office each and every day, there are some times where a company will allow for employees to telecommute with the office, working from the comfort of their home, communicating through their laptop or desktop. For most, it might even be beneficial to consider setting up a virtual office in their home — a designated workspace they can subsist in during they day, keeping their productivity up throughout the entire day.If you’re an employee that currently does not have the option to work from home, here are some options you should consider when convincing your boss or manager to let you begin setting up a virtual office for yourself:

  1. Don’t Stress The Commute: This is one of the first benefits that a majority of employees cite. 14% of employees have reported changing jobs once due to the effect of their commute. The morning and evening commute can bear down on employees after enough time, whether their commute is long due to mileage or time (traffic). Rather than becoming languished just during the time of your morning commute, you can save your energy and begin working immediately from home. By setting up a virtual office at home, you can leave the car in the driveway and just get down to work.
  2. Set Your Own Schedule: Every persons internal clock is different. 65% of surveyed professionals stated that they preferred the allowance to work remotely. One of the foremost reasons was the ability for the day to be structured on their own, rather than by management. This means setting their own hours and not worrying about a supervisor keeping a close eye on you.
  3. Less Stress Invovled: The workplace and office can be a stressful place at times. In high-paced work environments, it can make for people to feel stressed and anxious throughout the day. By setting up a virtual office at home, or renting a virtual office outside of the home, you can create a personal space that can be called your own. Whether that’s a fully furnished office or something that is left bare, it is your choice, based on preferences, of which can ease stress and increase productivity.-
  4. It Increases Productivity: The American Management Association reports that companies that allowed telecommuting saw a 63% reduction in unscheduled employee absences. By providing workers with the option to work in their own chosen co working spaces, or determining office solutions on their own, they are given the opportuity to feel more pride in their work. Similarly, it offers a sort of comfort that will make them want to come back to work, returning day after day to a sense of ease, ready to tackle the tasks of the day.
  5. Benefit For Both You and Your Employer: Your employer can also benefit from telecommuting, as stated above. By entrusting your employees in setting up a virtual office of their own, you are saying you believe them to be productive even without a watchful eye. This has been shown to reduce daily absences, increase productivity, save money, and better employee opinions of their company. It makes for a win-win for both the employer and employee.
  6. Allows You To Work Independently: Some people might work well with a team, but they are naturally introspective. For such people, the option to work remotely is something amazing. By taking the time to being choosing an office space and setting up a virtual office, an employee can remove themselves from the corporate environment and find a sense of mental balance. A simple method like this offers basic office solutions for those workers that sometimes require a bit of breathing room.

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