7 Reasons to Consider Using a Document Scanning Services Company

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If your business deals with sensitive information, you need a way to deal with it. Many companies turn to document scanning solutions to capture their sensitive information and then they hire a secure shredding services company to destroy it safely and securely. These policies are especially important for legal, medical and insurance offices. There are federal and state laws that medical professionals and insurance carriers have to comply with when it comes to the storage and handling of health information. Having comprehensive plans to destroy sensitive data is a requirement for these kinds of businesses.

Using a document scanning service can help your business in the following ways:

  1. It is a big time and money saver. After your documents and files have been processed by a document scanning services company, your staff will be able to easily search for the information they need when they need it. Your client and patient data and information will be available with the click of a mouse. When all of your records are kept in the paper copies, the have to search through binders or boxes until they have found the exact file they need. That can take a ton of time. It will take them much less time to do a search of data that is stored on your computer network.
  2. Scanning in your documents will help you provide better customer service. If a customer calls your business and they do not have all of the information they need to deal with an issue, your staff can access it in seconds when it has been digitized. This is because this data can be indexed with different metadata. When your customers contact you, you want to be able to get them what they need as soon as you can. Using document scanning solutions can help with that.
  3. You will have more secure control over your data. When identity theft happens, more often than not, it is by getting access to paper documents. It has been estimated that 90% of this kind of theft happen with paper records or documents. When you have had your data scanned in, it can be stored safely and securely. You can then take the paper documents and document shredding companies can take care of them for you. It is much easier to keep electronic files secure on a remote server than to maintain the security of paper files kept in a filing room.
  4. You will free up a lot of space in your business. When you keep everything on paper, it takes up a lot of space. When you have gone to a document scanning solutions firm, your data is stored easily on servers. That means all of the space you were using for filing cabinets can be used for something else. Often when companies make the switch from paper to electronic files, they are shocked by how much space they have for more useful things.
  5. Scanning your files will help you comply with federal and state laws. Many businesses are subject to federal and state laws regarding privacy. Other companies have their own rules and regulations they have to follow when it comes to maintaining the security of client data. Document scanning solutions
    can help you comply with all of the laws, rules and regulations that govern your industry. This should give you more peace of mind.
  6. Digitizing documents lets you be more collaborative. It is much easier to share your documents among staff members. If you work with people in different locations, cities or even countries, different people can work and collaborate on documents that have been scanned into the computer system. Scanning files just makes it easier to share them among all of your team members.
  7. It can help your reputation. Your data is safer when it has been scanned in. When data breaches happen, they can destroy a business’s reputation. You can feel better about your data when you are storing it all digitally. When Target had its computer system hacked, it suffered with its customers.

You need to do whatever you have to in order to keep your data safe and secure. Digital storage is one great way to do that.


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