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It is going to be an exciting weekend.
Your oldest daughter will be competing with her college gymnastics team and you and your husband are making the long drive down south to the meet. For this trip, however, so many relatives are joining you that you have decided that you will need to take two cars. Two adult nephews, one adult niece, one sister, and perhaps even a brother in law will be part of the 12 hour long car drive from Nebraska to Louisiana.
As the plans fell into place, you were disappointed that your younger daughter would not be in on the fun. The fact that your younger daughter is a sophomore in high school means that she is facing a busy schedule of chemistry, world history, and statistics, and she simply cannot afford to miss the two days of school that the drive requires. Fortunately, however, your husband found a fairly affordable airline ticket which will allow your younger daughter to join in the fun cousin weekend, but not have to miss class.
With only a few days to go before the big trip, all you have left are the final, small details. The driving group is leaving very early on Friday morning, and your younger daughter who will be flying has a ride to the airport as soon as school gets out. You are planning to take her luggage with you, which will allow her to only take a carry on. She does have two different medications that she takes every day and you want to make sure she has at least one day’s dose with her. You do not, however, want her to take the entire prescriptions. Instead, you will keep those with you. In case her flight is delayed, however, you want her to have the medications that she needs. A quick phone call to the pharmacist provided you will some individual doses in blister packaging. The carded blister packaging is dated and has all of the necessary identification included.
If only all the rest of the trip details were as easy to manage as your younger daughter’s prescriptions.
Medical Prescription Package Designs Make Pills Easy to Identify and Included Expiration Dates and Other Necessary Information

Track and trace pharmaceutical items make traveling easier than the past. When patients had nothing but pill bottles available, they were often tempted to take loose pills in a pill minder or even more carelessly in a simple plastic bag. This habit, however, meant that it is easy to misidentify medicine when it is not in its original container. Pharmaceutical packaging companies now have many kinds of blister packaging platforms that can help identify every pill, and even liquid medications.
Consider some of these facts and figures about the pharmaceutical blister packaging and other safe and effective practices that are now in place:

  • Several pouch packaging options for liquid products include everything from childsafe seals to strip seals, as well as easy to open rip and tear pouches.
  • Three-quarters of medical visits today involve some kind of drug therapy. In fact, 75.1% of medical appointments end in some type of drug therapy.
  • A card blister package gives clients the ability to add coupons in with their products to generate future purchases. Additionally, blister packaging companies often offer services like lot number and expiration date printing to provide quality control.
  • Year totals for 2010 indicated that U.S. pharmacy and drug store sales amounted to about $231.46 billion.

  • Several liquid packaging options are also available. For instance, some bottle packaging options include bar code printing for identification purposes. These details help patients safely and quickly identify and distinguish between pharmaceuticals.
  • Another strength of blister packaging is the cavity or pocket made by the formable web. This packaging keeps the product safer and less likely to get damaged.
  • Few things are more important than the safe keeping and identification of pharmaceuticals. Blister packaging and other track and trace methods used by pharmaceutical companies makes it so that a great deal if information can be included on any printed card. Even if an individual dose is separated so that it can be taken on a trip, it is still easy to identify.
  • Every time you are given a prescription, the doctor assumes that you will take it carefully as directed.

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