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The History of the Wooden Pallet

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Wooden pallets are a staple in the retail industry. Not only are wooden pallets for sale eco-friendly options for businesses to utilize, but they’re also strong enough to support the weight of a variety of products. This is essential when it comes to transporting heavy goods or many goods over a long distance. With global retail sales expected to reach an all-time high of $27.7 trillion by 2020, this vital product has become more important than ever.

But how did we start using this innovative product? Here’s what you should know about the history of the wood Pallets Florida loves.

They’re older than you think

The first recorded use of pallets and skids was witnessed in Ancient Egypt and Ancient Mesopotamia. This means that your favorite wooden pallet dates back as far as the first Millennium!

Pallets became widespread across America when the forklift was invented. In order to compensate for the prongs of this lift, planks were used on the bottom of the design, enabling manufacturers to ship, stack, and transport products with ease. These innovations in technology were primarily triggered because of the onset of World War II when they became a key asset to the military logistics strategy.

After the war

During and after the war, grocers, retailers, and manufacturers started to take note of the efficiency of wooden pallets. When truck lifts became commonplace in the shipping industry throughout the 1930s, the use of wooden pallets became more common as well. It’s not well-known, but the evolution of the wooden pallet is closely intertwined with the development of the forklift. It makes sense when you think of the warehouses that pallets are often utilized in today.


Nowadays, there are many types of pallets made from a variety of materials. Most pallets, however, are wooden. The heat treated Pallets Georgia loves are strong enough to support heavy loads for a variety of products. Most of these pallets are able to survive a variety of weather conditions and are easily reused or destroyed following the end of their duration.

Countless retailers rely on the accessibility and strength of pallets every day. Whether you’re looking for new pallets for sale or used pallets Georgia businesses rely on, contact us today.

5 Ways Great Signage Helps Your Business

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Customers are finding businesses online in greater and greater numbers every day. But there is still plenty of business to be had from local and walk-in traffic: the potential customers who walk and drive past your storefront or offices every day, or who happen by and are compelled by your curb appeal, branding, or both. Many of these may be customers who didn’t know they wanted to do business with you until they found your signage. And there are some who would have done business with you but were discouraged by poor, unappealing, or unclear signage. And almost seventy percent of in-store purchases are made by customers who report that signage impacted their spending.

How many times have you been in a neighborhood, or wandered a few parallel blocks, and found three, four, or even more directly competing businesses? What draws potential customers to one but not necessarily the others? Often, it’s signage. Great signage, designed by a dedicated and innovative signage company, can make all the difference to your business. Here are five ways how.

Business Signs Help to Build an Identifiable Brand

A good signage company will help you develop commercial signs that are professional, legible, and bright. But a greater part of developing signage for your business is conveying the vision and purpose of your business’s brand. Your logo, the styles you choose, and the positioning of the signage across your storefront or office are all invaluable considerations when using signage to identify your brand. A professional signage company will be experienced at including all of these elements and can help you design custom signs that make it clear to new and familiar customers what your business is all about.

Signs Help Your Online Customers Find Your Business

When a customer finds you online and plugs your address into their GPS, that’s a big step toward a visit and likely a productive visit. But GPS navigation isn’t perfect, and if you occupy space somewhere dense and crowded, with limited parking, or you occupy unconventional space, it can be difficult for customers to find you even with a GPS. Effective signage is vital to getting your online customers all the way into your store or offices.

Signs Can Help Your Business Compete More Directly

Frankly, many businesses don’t use effective signage, if they use much signage at all. If yours does, you have an advantage. You can reinforce that advantage, even over competing businesses that are using good signage, by targeting and positioning your signs strategically. Your signage company will work with you to design the best signs for strategic placement of outdoor signs.

Signs Are Vital to Taking Advantage of Your Location

Especially for small businesses, a sign is vital. It anchors your business in its broader location, helping customers find you whether they are looking for you or not. Potential customers local to a business report seeing a business’s signage up to sixty times per month. About half of visiting customers rank signage as the principal reason they stopped into a store. For new businesses, signage is of even greater importance in drawing local traffic, especially from potential customers who are new to the area and actively seek businesses and stores for their needs: they are looking for signs.

Signs Help Your Business Take Advantage of Special Occasions

Holidays, seasonal occasions, and special events local to your business are a great opportunity to draw traffic with effective signage. These occasions draw potential customers who are likely unfamiliar with your business. While you won’t be able to draw all the traffic that crosses your bricks-and-mortar location, you can certainly turn a lot of it away with unclear and unappealing signage. A professional signage company can tell you more about making your signs appropriate to special events, and compelling to potential customers from near and far.

Find a Professional Signage Company Today

Your business is likely already doing a fair job of taking advantage of good signage. But a signage company can take it to the next level. And with so many ways to gain, contacting a professional signage company today is a smart move toward maximizing your brand and signage.

Business Signs: Five Hot Trends

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There is one constant in the world of commerce: business signs will always be a necessity. Customers need to know where to go, and what they are going to find when they get there. Most of all, they need to be interested. Here are five trends in business signs that will definitely help get customers interested in your business.

1. Tell A Story

One new and innovative way to draw in customers is to tell a story using a story wall. Tell a story or use a timeline along the wall. Alternate textures and dimensions to create more interest. Photos and milestones to create a timeline for custom signs add great interest, also.

2. Enter Another Dimension

Three dimensional lettering, or three dimensional features that call individuals to interact with the signage can be real attention grabbers. Using an element like textured printing, for instance, can really make signs for business stand out.

3. Make It Cohesive

Set the mood by creating a commercial sign where the color scheme, social media info, and design all complement the logo of your business. Make sure everything works together so people who are seeing your business sign will get a great impression of your business and what you do. This may get them to follow through and look you up.

4. Show Your Green Side

Try to incorporate printing methods and materials that are eco-friendly into your business signs. This will show the public that you have a consciousness about the environment, and encourage consumers to patronize your business.

5. Light It Up

Business signs today combine innovation and technology, creating exciting visuals for customers. Digital signage like electronic message centers on outdoor signs, or even LED lighting in your signage are very attention-getting.

Creative thinking can take your business signs a long way. In fact, it can be a major draw to attract individuals and customers to your business. It has been reported that signs have been the reason that over 75% of customers enter a store they have not been in before. Your business can be one of those stores! Using innovative thinking and creative techniques for your signs can make your business stand out from the crowd.

White Board Animation Services Put Your Company On the Map

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White board animation services can be just the ticket to sharing information about your business online. Studies indicate that a very small percentage of people are ready to buy when they check out your website. They are there to learn more about your business!

Sketch animation is a great way to get people interested in your business and to deliver your message. Studies also indicate that people are more responsive to visual information than they are to information that they must read.

An Engaging Look

Sketch animation provides an engaging look to your website. No matter what industry you are in whiteboard animation has solutions for everyone and every type of business. Whiteboard animation videos deliver your message in a fun and attractive way!

These popular sketch video informationals deliver the information that people want to know about your business. They also can answer questions about your products, provide instructions for your products and show consumers why your products are superior.

Audiences Love Them

You see sketch animation everywhere from fortune 500 companies to your local plumbing company has incorporated these audience pleasers into their campaigns. They are very popular because they get the attention you want for your business.

One of the biggest reasons these animations are so popular is because they are so easy to understand. They are informative and easy to understand for most audience members and they are fun to watch!

You Got to Go Pro

The key to successfully presenting information using whiteboard animation is to have a professional design and develop the animation. A professional has the skill set that will be used to create a professional polished animation that is engaging.

To get the ROI on your animation you want to be sure that you choose a design team that is experienced and has the portfolio to prove it. It is not a project that you want to attempt DIY or leave to someone that is inexperienced.

Take Advantage of This Service

If you want to get the attention of your audience there is no better way to do it than with whiteboard animation services. Give your visitors what they need to understand your products or services. You will make customers out of them!

Does Your Home or Business Have a Security Camera System?

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Thank goodness for surveillance camera recordings and social media.

Your wife was nearly beside herself when she came home from the store the other day. When she told the story of the kids on their bikes at the local middle school field throwing rocks she was still shaking. Sometime before 6:00 pm, she was driving passed the field when the rock struck the hood of the car, barely missing the windshield. She initially thought it was a tree branch or something unintentional, until you took the time to review her dash cam. The act of vandalism is on camera and you are filing a police report if nobody steps up. You are also working with the school officials to retrieve any surveillance camera evidence they may have. The boy on the left of the video you have is clearly wearing a maroon red shirt and the boy in the blue shorts was the one who threw the rock. The other kid, who did not really appear to be involved, was wearing a white cap, a horizontal black and white striped shirt, and black shorts. A fourth kid was behind the group on his bike. You have also asked the neighbors for any hints or additional videos they may have and have promise to keep the names of others who share videos confidential.

Residential and Commercial Security Systems Can Capture a Wide Range of Activity and Information

Within an hour of the post another neighbor mentioned that she had been up at the middle school in the east parking lot and saw these three of the boys ride their bikes through that lot. This was at 5:30pm. Unfortunately, she did not recognize any of the three, but they were certainly the boys caught in the surveillance camera video.

These boys are likely the perpetrators, and you have spent some time roaming around the school and saw a couple of security cameras that you are certain would have caught a better look at the boys as the rode through the lot. Kids have always been known to do the dumbest things but the only way they learn is by having consequences. You are happy to hear that the school might be able to help you when the administrators get back into the building next week.

Parents in the past were often really strict, and if they caught their children doing something stupid the kids were expected to pay for any damage they caused. Today, however, it seems like there is only a 50% chance that the parents of the guilty kids will hold the teens responsible without getting the police involved.

People have gotten in terrible accidents when rocks or other heavy objects are thrown at a moving car. This kind of behavior is unacceptable and it is not a joke when a reckless teen is doing something that could cause damage, injury, or even, death.

Fortunately, there are more and more cars and buildings that are equipped with surveillance cameras, so it is possible to catch vandals who doing things in public spaces. In fact, one of the latest sets of statistics indicates that as many as 1 out of every 7 businesses now has an alarm system, many which also include surveillance cameras.

In addition to the effectiveness of outside alarms, however, there are also many inside alarms and cameras that are helpful as well. For instance, 38% of inventory shrink can be attributed to shoplifting, and 34.5% to employee theft. Security cameras, of course, can help limit these situations.

You may not always be able to solve a problem about local vandals with the use of security cameras, but in today’s digital age it is important to check to see if anyone had a camera running at the scene of a crime, an accident, or a property damage event.

Loan Lingo: A Glossary For Business Loan Terms

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Navigating financial jargon gives even the most educated of us a headache. Unfortunately, loans are something we will all need to deal with; from the 80 million people who had car loans in 2012 to the small businesses just getting on their feet, both personal and business loans allow us to buy things and begin things that we otherwise never would have had the chance to own or do. If you already have your business checking accounts set up and are simply trying to nail down the banking jargon that commonly accompanies business loans, this post is for you. Let’s get started.

  • DSCR: This term stands for Debt-Service Coverage Ratio (sometimes referred to as the Debt Coverage Ratio). It shows the cash a business has available to service its debt; as such, it is an important indicator of your business’s financial health and is something that a lender will look at to determine if lending to your business is a wise investment.
  • EBITDA: EBITDA stands for Earnings Before Interest, Tax, Depreciation, and Amortization. Generally speaking, it’s a measure of your company’s operating performance without factoring in tax environments, financing obligations, or accounting decisions.
  • LTV Ratio: This term describes the Loan-to-Value Ratio, which determines the level of financial risk; the loan amount is compared to the value of the asset that the loan is being used to acquire, creating a percentage. When borrowers request a loan for an amount that is the same or close to the asset’s value (creating a higher LTV ratio), lenders know that there is a greater chance it will go into default.
  • Bridge Loan: Commercial bridge loans function the same as normal business loans. They are typically short-term loans that a borrower can use while waiting for another type of funding (usually in larger amounts, lower interest rates, etc.), earning its name as a “bridge” between the two.

The more well-versed you are in the financial and legal lingo involved in business loans, the better your chances of finding one that works best for you. Understanding can make a big difference, especially if you’re a small business, so be sure to do your research ahead of time.

Paper Brightness and Whiteness: What’s the Difference?

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Every year, 92 million metric tons of paper are produced in the United States. With this massive amount of paper comes a multitude of different sizes, colors, and thicknesses. The appearance of your paper can be crucial when it comes to supplementing your next big project or use in your day to day business, as your end result depends on the paper that you are using. Before putting in your order of bulk paper, it is important to understand the differences between paper brightness and whiteness.



The brightness of paper is determined by how much the paper reflects blue light (specifically with a wavelength of 457 nanometers). This is measured on a scale from 1 to 100, with 100 being the most reflective. For example, a piece of paper with a brightness of 85 is going to be much brighter than one with a brightness of 65.


This is not the only metric you should go by. Just because two pieces of paper are similar in terms of brightness, it does not mean that they will look similar. Brightness does not take into account the rest of the light spectrum, which can drastically affect the looks of the paper.



Just like paper brightness, whiteness is measured on a scale from 1 to 100, increasing in whiteness as the number increases. It still has to do with the reflection of light, though. Whiteness takes into account the entire light spectrum. Through this metric, you can start to see the difference between a warmer, softer piece of paper, and paper with a blue, cool tint. This is similar to the color temperature scale used for bulbs.

Breaking the Scale


You may stumble upon some paper that exceeds the 100 maximum for brightness or whiteness. Some paper companies may choose to add certain materials that enhance and increase the paper’s whiteness and brightness, to a point where it exceeds the scale for normal pulp paper. These additives, commonly known as Optical Brightening Agents, actually reflect ultraviolet light that we would not normally be able to see as visible light.

No matter what you are using your paper for, make sure to look out for these metrics whenever ordering from your wholesale paper supplier. If you are looking to buy bulk paper of any brightness or whiteness, make sure to contact your local paper supplier.


All About Affordable Green Building With ICF Construction

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Many people assume that green building materials and energy efficient home construction are both incredibly expensive by default, but being on a budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on your goals for a high performance home. ICF construction is just one tried and true method for affordable green construction. Here are a few ways this unique material can help you save money both during construction and in your finished home.

Affordable Materials

Many modern green materials used for energy efficient construction can add up in cost fairly quickly. However, just because a material is newer and more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean it always works better. ICF construction is a technique that has been around for decades, and it remains one of the most efficient construction options available today. Over time, the cost has dropped for this material, making it an excellent green option for builders or homeowners on a budget.

During Construction

Construction projects involving ICF aren’t just more energy efficient when they’re fully built – they create less waste during construction as well. Because of how ICF blocks are assembled, the reduce the amount of material wasted. You’ll end up paying for less material that ends up getting wasted anyway, and you’ll be contributing less to landfills so you can feel better about your home’s overall carbon footprint.

Finished Builds

Finished ICF buildings are also able to provide savings in the form of reduced overall energy costs. According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, ICF walls can save homeowners 20% to 25% on annual heating and cooling costs. Heating and cooling tends to be the largest energy expense in the average home, meaning a reduction here can result in major savings for most homeowners. By choosing the right materials early on, you’ll be able to save on your finished home.

ICF walls are an excellent option for homeowners looking to go green in their new homes. These green building materials can help you save on construction, as well as once the home is fully completed. For more information on insulated concrete forms and how to use them for affordable green construction, contact Nexcem today.

How to Improve Your Trade Show Space with Event Drapery

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You’re proud of your success at trade shows. You could do better, as much as you don’t want to admit it, and you know that the key to your future success lies not just in your prowess as a vendor, but your ability to stage your booth in a professional and engaging fashion as well. Passersby are fickle, and if your trade show booth looks more like a grade school project than a beautiful display, you need the right event drapery to stand out positively.

Discover the different types of event items you can use to make your next trade show space more successful. With rising trade show costs being a concern for over a third of event planners, you need to know how to plan your next trade show without worry. Here are ways you can improve your trade show booth space with backdrops and more.

Pipe and Drape Offers a Quick Solution


Desire a trade show display that has a super quick set up and tear down system? Consider the pipe and drape display feature. This display features the base and standing components of an event display set, allowing you to quickly set up your designs with whatever space you have. Colors vary, and you can have a custom design created to meet your needs best.

Pole Covers Offer Professional Appeal


Perhaps you consider yourself handy and like to create your own pole display frames? Pole covers are a great event drapery solution that will give your trade show booth that professional appeal you desire.

Drapery Fabric Offers Simple Privacy


The right drapery fabric, including velour drapes, satin drapery, and other types of material, will give your trade show booth a durable, functional appeal you can appreciate. You’ll also get the intimate privacy you desire so you can improve the way your booth looks while giving it a new and updated feel for your patrons as well.

Whether you are new to the trade show business and want to have the most impressive booth in the line, or you don’t know how you can improve your current dismal booth, you can use event drapery to give your space great improvement. An event supplies specialist can show you how pipe and drape components and other drapery tools work.

Avoid These Beekeeping Hive Mistakes

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Beekeeping is essential to both the health of the environment and the agriculture industry, as any beekeeper will know. Bees pollinate more than $15 million a year in crops in the United States alone. But all those bees need a place to safely build their hives, and that’s where your beekeeping hives come in. Avoid these common mistakes with your beekeeping hives to keep your bees safe and healthy, as well as encouraging them to produce as much organic honey as possible.


Leaving Frames Out


Bees are surprisingly crafty and creative creatures, and will build comb in just about any space they can reach. Beekeeping hives are designed to have just the right amount of room and space in them, without letting bees into areas they shouldn’t be building in. Leaving frames out of your hives to give bees more space to build can end up with them getting into spaces they should stay away from.


Location, Location, Location


Setting up homes for your bees relies just as much on location as setting up homes for people. Look for a level, clear space with full sun as much as is possible given your environment. This will give bees plenty of room to find the entrance to the hives, and make it easier for them to maneuver around the hives.


Less Isn’t More


Many beginning beekeepers think they’ll be able to start with a single hive. This is especially true of beekeepers on a budget, who might be relying on minimal used beekeeping supplies. However, keeping at minimum two gives you the best chance of success, and allows you to plan around problems you might run into with a single hive.


Hands Off Approach


As tempting as it can be to get as much raw honey from your hives as possible, try to avoid taking too much or too often from your colonies. Your bees rely on their honey as well, so be conservative with how much you take to sell or use for yourself.


There are a few common mistakes that you can make with your beekeeping hives, but avoiding them will be best for both you and your bees. For more information on beekeeping basics and how to take care of your hives, contact us today.