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Donate to Purple Heart Recipients Today for a Stronger Tomorrow

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The Purple Heart is one of the highest honors bestowed to an individual by the President. Sadly, such an honor is given if a soldier is wounded or killed. While not every wound is physical, there are many ways to support purple heart recipients.

Whether you know purple heart recipients or not, they deserve our help acclimating to civilian life. It is hard enough transitioning from soldier to civilian without the added strain and disability of an injury. Fortunately, many Americans are blessed with an abundance of items that they can donate to those in need.

Did you know that nearly 100% of household linens and clothing can be recycled, no matter the quality or condition? That means those rags you use for cleaning are still good for numerous other purposes. Don’t become one of the Americans that throws away nearly 70 pounds of clothing, linens, and other textiles each year. Donate them to wounded veterans charities. A little bit of extra effort makes all the difference to someone in need.

5 Ways to Help Purple Heart Recipients Today


Clothes Donations

We like spending money on clothes. It just makes us feel good. For someone who doesn’t have a lot of money to spend, like wounded veterans and purple heart recipients, finding the money for clothes can be a challenge. This is especially true if their injury requires a special fit. There are many charitable organizations that offer a clothing drop off or that will pick up donations at home. Don’t let last season’s clothes that don’t fit anymore go to waste.


Alongside donating, there is often a need for volunteers at charity organizations. Whether an organization needs help sorting through the numerous clothes and linens donated or someone to drive around gathering donations picked up at home, there is always a way to give back your time. It is a great way to show support to purple heart recipients and other wounded veterans.

Food Donations

If someone is in need of clothes, they are often in need of food. A quick search on your computer will yield which charities accept donations as food products. A common option is local food banks. Check your local area to donate today.

Household Items

Do you have an old filter and drip coffee maker sitting in your cupboards because it was replaced by a fancy espresso machine? If you answered yes, donate it! Not only will it help disabled veterans in need, but a coffee maker can also be written off on your taxes from $4 to $15.

Car Donations

Yes, it is quite a large item to offer up as a donation. However, it makes a vast difference in the daily life of purple heart recipients and veterans with disabilities. A donated car can help a family get their kids to and from school safely. It can also save them money on bus fares or other public transportation services. If you have an old car in your garage, consider donating it instead of trading it in.


Donating Today for a Stronger Tomorrow

While donating to purple heart recipients can improve their quality of life, recycling your clothes and other household items is helping to keep them from ending up in a landfill. By donating your items instead of throwing them away, you are leaving a better environmental footprint for future generations.

By supporting and helping military families and veterans with disabilities in need, we are helping our world succeed and grow each day. Even if it just something as simple as donations of clothes and food, such smalls acts go a long way.

Here are 3 Benefits of Making Clothing Donations to Charitable Organizations

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There’s one thing that cannot be denied and that is that the average American buys at least twice as many pieces of clothing as they did 20 years ago. One result of buying so many clothes is that closets and dressers all over the country are filled with clothing items that are rarely used or quickly forgotten about. As a general rule, if you haven’t worn a clothing item in six months or longer, it’s time to let it go. Instead of throwing these clothing items away, consider children in need of clothing and consider donating clothing to charity. There are a number of benefits that come from making clothes donations to charity and this article will take a look at a few of them.

  • It Helps Families in Need: One benefit of donating clothing to charity is that it can help families and children in need of clothing. Forty-five percent of recycled clothi

Here Is Why You Should Consider Switching To Dry Ice Cleaning Systems

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Keeping industrial equipment in good working conditions is one of the fundamental qualities of proper management. Part of this entails maintenance, repairs, and cleaning. Water blasting, steam cleaning and sandblasting are all exceptional methods of cleaning, but dry ice cleaning systems have a certain edge over the rest.

Dry ice cleaning systems build upon a cleaning technique known as dry ice blasting which was first patented in 1955. The process is fast since dry ice does not go through a liquid phase.

How Dry Ice Cleaning Systems Work?

This system operates on the same principle as a sandblaster. The only difference is instead of shooting sand from its nozzle; it sprays pressurized dry ice. The dry ice contains tiny ice particles that are shot out at high pressure. This clears out all foreign material on a surface.

When these particles of dry ice hit the surface they are cleaning, they cause the top layer of coating to shrink, which creates crack

The Benefits of Investing in Existing and Proposed Real Estate Developments

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A large percentage of investors are choosing to buy real estate. A recent Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate survey revealed that this applies to 89% of U.S. investors. When someone is new to this type of investment, the survey also showed that 30% would be “more likely” to invest in real estate if they were able to receive professional guidance.

The Benefits of Investing in Real Estate

One of the major reasons for choosing to invest in real estate is that this area has been outperforming the stock market. As of 2000, real estate investments have been outperforming stock investments by roughly two-to-one. Furthermore, within the upcoming 18 months, 97% of real estate investors are planning to further increase their financial investments in this area.

A Brief Overview of Home Construction and Sales

It’s important to remember that the real estate market is cyclic. Over time, this complete cycle has averaged approximately 18 years. The National Asso

8 Tips on Safe Handling and Transportation of Industrial Gas Cylinders

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The industrial, medical, and specialty gas and supply Tulsa market offers various types of gases for different uses. Welding supplies are the most sought after gas supplies. The demand for welding gases and welding gas refills is high because over 50% of the products manufactured in America need some gas welding. Medical use gases are also a major part of the gas and supply Tulsa market. This category of gases is used in different medical procedures.

Some of these gases pose a significant safety threat when they’re handled, transported, stored, or used in an improper manner. This article provides you with tips on ideal handling and transportation of gas cylinders aimed at averting risks associated with asphyxiation, fires, toxicity, and explosions.

Safe handling and transportation practices for gas cylinders

1. Use special cylinder handling equipment

Class G or F

Over Half Of All Invoices Are Paid Late Improving Your Business’s Cash Flow With Invoice Factoring

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A late invoice throws everything into a dangerous spiral. Small wonder why so many businesses avoid it.

Not only do you have to fill in the gap so you’re not late on essential payments, you have to run the risk of appearing a professional pushover. A late invoice can also impact the trust you have with other businesses. Instead of waiting until you reach your breaking point, consider looking into a factoring service. These are designed to give you a leg up on this phenomenon, all with the purpose of just getting you your money on time. Easy and effective, invoice factoring will soon be an indispensable part of your business model.

How do factoring services work? Will they help your small business stay afloat? Learn more about business receivable factoring below and get out of the spiral.

The Definition Of A Small Business In The Modern Day

Small businesses keep the United States running day and night. These are defined as bus

Call Answering Services and Inbound Sales Calls Strategies

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The telephone is a concept that dates back to the 1870s, and some Americans today may be tempted to think that the Internet has made telephones practically obsolete. But in the business world, at least, telephones are more relevant than ever. In fact, some customers and business clients may greatly enjoy speaking to a live human being, since they may be burnt out or frustrated from working with imperfect or faulty automated systems or chat bots. A live human being, if they are a skilled employee at a call answering service, can handle any client or customer’s call and help them pass on a message. Employees at call answering services may pass on messages carefully, and employees at an inbound sales call center may help customers make a purchase. In fact, phone answering services are friendly to employees and job seekers who can’t easily commute to an office, as any remote worker with a telephone and a quiet envi

Bring in Important Working Capital with The Help of Trucking Factoring Companies

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When it comes to running a small business successfully, there can be a lot of pitfalls that are best avoided. Unfortunately, even after making wise, smart, and insightful decisions, these problems can often crop up. For small businesses like freight broker companies or trucking companies, the one problem that can really put a damper on your plans is the lack of working capital. Working capital is an essential component of any business, especially during those early days where the lack of it might mean not being able to leverage timely growth opportunities. In fact, for some small businesses, lack of working capital might well sound the death knell.

In such situations, there can be a number of routes you can explore in order to get your hands on that much-needed working capital. Small business loans have matured a lot as a product over the ages but there are still a number of pitfalls that can make this solution untenable in certain situations. The process of applying for a small

Getting Shipments Delivered by Air

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The United States is home to a vast network of transportation companies, and these carrier companies can deliver freight and items by land, sea, and air. Many carrier companies are on the smaller side, offering a small but hardworking fleet of semi trucks that can deliver freight for shippers such as retail corporations. These trucks can go to places that trains cannot reach and where planes cannot land, but shipping to islands or delivering something very fast calls for planes. Cargo jets are owned by larger carrier companies, and American air cargo can be delivered overnight if need be. Air and ocean cargo often heads out to Caribbean island, such as for Dominican shipping or British Virgin Islands shipping. Someone living in these areas who places and online order may search “british virgin islands shipping rates” to find some companies that can deliver their cargo on

The Best Ways to Deliver Air Freight to the Caribbean

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Today’s freight delivery industry in the United States is quite robust, and someone who wants to deliver a package somewhere has plenty of options to choose from. Vehicles such as jets, ships, trains, and trucks can deliver goods on a tight schedule, and some vehicles are useful to delivering goods where others cannot reach. Many businesses today make use of semi truck fleets to deliver cargo for a fair price, and these trucks can deliver goods where trains can’t go or where airplanes can’t reach.

Still, other deliveries really do call for planes or ships, such as delivering cargo to islands such as Cuba, the Bahamas, Jamaica, or the Dominican Republic. Dominican air freight can easily deliver something to or from that island by air, and American air cargo lines may promise overnight deliveries for time-sensitive shipments. Air and ocean cargo shippers can be found online when