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Four Tips for Finding the Right Furniture

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Brand loyalty

In 2011, furniture and home furnishing stores in the United States generated just over $90 billion in sales. By 2016, that number is expected to jump to around $96 billion. This means that, despite the recent struggles in the housing market, many Americans are heading to top quality furniture stores to find new items for their home. Whether you are looking for a new couch or recliner or a nice dinner table the whole family can fit around, heading to high quality furniture stores is the best way to find and purchase the items that will fit perfectly in your home. However, there are a few things you should consider before you make a hefty investment.

When it comes to designing a new living room or any other spot in your home, there are lots of designs and styles to choose from. However, when you are buying new fu

A Rewarding Profession

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Certified medical coder

Getting patients the right care is the job of doctors and other health care professionals. They provide the service to clients, while medical billing services generate the cost of treatment to keep the hospital or doctor’s office running. Medical billing positions include medical coders, who are vital to the process. These coders also work in medical facilities, hospitals, or doctor’s offices, and they must be members of the American Academy of Professional Coders to crack into the field. Coders assess the treatment a patient has received and assign the appropriate medical code for medical billing professionals to submit to insurance. Medical coder professionals use specific international codes like ICD-9-CM to classify diseases. This code helps insurance process the claim accurately. The coder also c

The Health Care Your Employees Need

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Health insurance for small business owners

Though Canadian health care is publicly funded, mostly free, and mainly provided by private entities, many Canadian businesses are still concerned about the levels of coverage provided to their employees. Most choose to offer additional health insurance to their employees, not only as a way to attract new employees and retain experienced ones, but to make sure that their workers have access to the care they need in order to stay healthy and happy. Still, statistics show that 72% of small business owners are worried about the cost per employee of these plans.

Health benefits for small businesses often include health spending accounts, also known as HSAs. Continue Reading No Comments

An Interview with Matt Leach of Value Vinyls

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Value Vinyls, a provider of industrial vinyl for a bevy of applications, including gym wall pads and mats, dock seals, truck tarps, tents, and more has provided service to the Grand Prairie, TX area for years. We sat down with Matt Leach, the company’s graphic designer and web administrator, to talk about his experience marketing Value Vinyls and its product.

Mr. Leach, I think most of our readers would be surprised to hear how ubiquitous industrial vinyl really is. Can you tell us about a few of the applications for which your company provides vinyl materials?

Since 1984, Value Vinyls has been a supplier of industrial PVC up to 256 inches wide and printable sign media vinyl up to 196 inches wide. Our products are ideal for many industrial applications like athletic dummies, blocking pads, landing pads, floor mats, gym mats, child development shapes, wall pads, punching bags, gym divider curtains, event tents, dock seals, dock shelters, wear pleats, bounce houses, fence windscreen, truck tarps, awnings, canopies, shade structures, and oil booms, as well as printable frontlit, blockout, mesh, and backlit vinyl for billboards, banner stands, outdoor banners, aisle banners, street banners, pole banners, speaker mesh, and building wraps. We also provide specialty vinyl for general applications like laundry carts, movie screens, medical beds, gurneys, safety flags, safety vests, and jumping pillows.

Wow! You’re certainly able to draw on a wide variety of markets! Is there one particular area that started it all?

There was a demand for better priced truck tarp application items, so we looked overseas for material to accommodate the OEM market who manufactures these truck tarp items.

I’m sure your business has seen some major changes since then, and not just because of its major growth. How have technology and the internet changed the way Value Vinyls operates?

The Internet has transformed the way we communicate with our customers and business partners in a positive way. It allows for expedient communication resulting in faster deliveries and happy customers. Additionally, the internet allows us to provide an informative website that lists describes all of our products at a fraction of the cost of printing, with no waste. And, technology advances in vinyl production equipment allows us to match any color, weight, coating, construction, and strength properties to assure that our customers are getting exactly what they need to succeed. With this technology, we are confident we can match any request to match an existing product or design something new and unique to the industry.

That must be an important part of your marketing plan. What do you do to make sure your business is seen by potential clients?

Much of our business is marketed through direct calls and literature left with our existing and potential customers to back up our products. Other means of marketing is done through the internet with our web site as well as advertising in digital publications and e-Blasts through Constant Contact. In addition, some advertising is done in hard copy publications as well as press releases. We also display at several trade shows throughout the year.

Value Vinyls is located at 301 E. Trinity Blvd. in Grand Prairie, TX. For more information about its products, visit or call (972) 823-1109.

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How Is the Money in Your Company Being Handled?

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Business loan fast

Having trouble managing working capital? Nothing to be ashamed of. Even the most successful businesses have this difficulty. And if your business is smaller, you are even more prone. It is not a time to panic, but to find a company that can help you figure out what is going wrong in managing working capital, and establish a plan to fix it.

  • Cash Flow Problems
  • This is one of the most common problems. It is not that the cash is not flowing in, but that, once the money does come in, it is not being allocated correctly, or the process is too convoluted for each department to get the funds that it needs. This can be detrimental to a company because those departments really rely on those funds.

    When you hire a company to help you figure out what is wrong, they look at the entire p

Exceptional Customer Service Helps to Retain Business for Companies

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Direct buy

Whether you’re purchasing furniture and appliances from a business like DirectBuy or contacting your credit card company about your account, it is imperative that you have an exceptional customer experience. This is especially true if the company wants to ensure that it will have your business in the future. In order to accomplish this, the company should always be striving for customer experience improvement. Here are some things it can do to make this a reality.

It starts when the customer service representatives treat customers with respect and courtesy. “The Golden Rule” of treating others the way you would like to be treated” cer

The Importance of Excellent Customer Care

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Build customer loyalty

Among the hundreds of advertisements that you see and hear each week, how many of the businesses that are paying for those ads ever mention customer service or business integrity before the “great deals” and “low prices” they supposedly offer? Most of the time advertisers will spend the entire 20 or 30 second spot talking all about their unbeatable prices, and maybe throw in at the end a little nugget about caring for customers.

Although businesses should try to offer the most competitive prices they can, the fact is quality customer care and integrity will have a far more resounding impact than simply offering rock bottom prices. As some well-known retailers have shown, simply offering the lowest prices is not enough to earn and maintain customer trust or respect.

A big part of running a successful