Brightness, Texture, Thickness Useful Tips For Choosing The Best Wholesale Paper For Your Business

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Not all paper is created the same. That’s the joy of it!

Paper is unique and varied to better suit our needs. One person might find themselves in need of regular copy paper to create flyers for their community. Another might be hankering for some thick, toothy watercolor paper for their next project. When it comes to the bulk side of things, there are a few solid options for you to get a little bit of everything out of the mix. Bright color, sturdy thickness, plentiful amount…the sky’s the limit! Before you set an order down for shimmer paper, look below and become fluent in another language.

Paper holds a special place in our hearts, even in today’s modern age, and all you have to do is embrace it!

American Paper Production And You

Paper is far from obsolete. In fact, it’s doing better than ever. Thanks to an electronic era many Americans, businessowner and customer alike, are falling in love all over again with the material. Over 90 million metric tons of paper are produced by the United States every single year. By the time 2020 arrives paper production sections are expected to have increased outputs of 75%, compared to 1995′s numbers.

The Benefits Of Varied Paper

The only thing better than high quality paper is high quality recycled paper. Recent estimates have determined more than one-third of new paper today is made using recycled fiber. In fact, Americans recycle more paper products than they send to landfills — the United States’ paper industry set a 60% goal for scrap paper recovery by 2012, but this goal ended up achieved three years early. You might think recycled materials are of less quality, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Shimmer paper using older fibers holds no visual or texture distinction from its brand new counterparts, though it’s up to you which one you use!

Learning Your Different Paper Qualities

What sets one type of paper apart from the other? You’ll be asking yourself this a lot while browsing your wholesale paper company for your next order. Brightness is a term used to denote how light the paper is, while texture refers to how smooth or rough the surface is. Copy paper, for example, often comes with a brightless level of 90 to 92 and is very thin for general use. Shimmer cardstock, on the other hand, is thick and silky for increased durability.

Buying Bulk Envelopes And Wholesale Paper

It’s helpful to reach out to a wholesale envelope supplier so you can save some money, even as you send out hundreds (or thousands!) of letters. There are over four trillion paper documents in the United States alone, growing at a rate of 20% per year. In fact, the average office worker in the country will use 10,000 sheets of paper annually. Cardstock wholesale is specific enough to snag you the paper type you need without keeping track of insurmountable numbers. You have enough to worry about already!

Choosing The Right Kind Of Paper For Your Business

It’s time to buckle down and figure out which kind of paper suits your business best. Do you need envelopes in bulk to send out mass letters? Shimmer cardstock and regular cardstock is the way to go, the default in several industries for its signature thickness. You can also buy copy paper in bulk alongside it for all the applications, reminders, and advertisements. The thing about paper is that it’s nearly as diverse and unique as we are.

Embrace your individual needs. Look into a shimmer paper wholesale supplier and turn some heads!

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