Medical Packaging and Qualified Person Services Help Guarantee the Quality of Medical Products

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Track and trace solution

Medical packaging design serves a number of important purposes. It protects the contents from damage and tampering, and also helps in tracking and quality control. In the EU, all medical products have to be approved by a Qualified Person or QP, before they can be tested or sold. Qualified Person services help pharmaceutical companies to ship their products to the EU and to have them released for clinical trials or sale.

What are some functions of medical packaging?
Pharmaceutical and medical packaging serve many different functions. The packaging prevents breakages and tampering, and it has an important function in tracking the

Three Reasons Pharmaceutical Serialisation is Here to Stay

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Pharmaceutical serialisation

If you work in any part of the medical industry, you are probably familiar with e-pedigree serialisation. Also referred to as “track and trace pharmaceuticals,” epedigree solutions are put in place to increase accountability in the pharmaceutical supply chain to improve public safety. Issues such as counterfeit medications and pharmaceutical theft create a substantial threat to everyone involved: drug manufacturers, contract packaging providers, distributors, pharmacists, and — worst of all — the patients who take the medications.

The point of e-pedigree serialisation is to track every step of the pharm