Make a Difference in the Lives of Others by Making Charitable Clothing Donations

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Donation pick up

People in the United States purchase considerably more clothing than they did 20 years ago. On average, they tend to purchase twice as much as in decades past. While some Americans will donate gently worn items to charitable organizations such as The Military Order of the Purple Heart, others will throw them away. In addition to being wasteful and contributing to landfills, these clothes could be recycled and/or worn again.

If you’re not sure when to donate clothes, you can, of course, do so all year long. Since the weather is growing warmer, you may want to begin with your family’s spring and summer outfits and accessories. After that, you can look through your family’s cold-weather clothes, coats, scarves, and boots. If there are items that haven’t been worn for a while, or won’t be worn again for 6 m