The Importance Of Fire Safety And Prevention All Throughout The United States

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Fires can pose a huge danger to all of our lives, and understanding them (and how and why they occur, especially when it comes to where they are occurring) is so very important for adequate fire prevention. For instance, hotels and motels see a great deal of fire activity over the course of the year and while some of these fires are able to be contained and dealt with with a relative amount of ease, this is certainly not the case for every single fire that occurs at a hotel or a motel.

In fact, the consequences of hotel and motel fires can be quite steep. It has even been found that up to fifteen people lose their lives in such fires each and every year. And in addition to this, up to one hundred and fifty people will sustain injuries in these same fires. While these injuries will not always be life threatening and might be relatively minor in at least some cases, burn injuries are no joke to recover from and are typically incredibly painful. Avoiding burn injuries is always ideal

5 Essentials of Fire Protection in Commercial Buildings

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As many as 50% of high-rise fires can be attributed to four classes of property: hotels, offices, healthcare facilities and apartments. For property managers of these types of buildings, having a proper fire prevention, detection, and response system in place is essential to limiting damage and preventing loss of life. Here are the 5 essentials of a commercial fire protection system:

  1. Qualified Fire Alarm Contractors

    Fire alarms are often the first line of defense when it comes to fire detection. It’s important to the safety of your building and its occupants that you adhere to the fire alarm code and have adequate fire alarm systems in