Parking Lot Cleaning Services

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Parking lots are filthy places. They accumulate pollutants such as oil, grease and toxic chemicals, pesticides from adjacent landscaping, road salts, heavy metals, and bacteria from trash. Run-off from these pollutants ends up in local water systems, and add to overall pollution. A recent report by the National Water Quality Inventory shows that runoff from urbanized areas is the leading cause of water quality impairments to surveyed estuaries.

Other studies show that each parking space in the United States costs $6-$23 annually, in health and environmental damages to society caused by air pollution alone. Added up, this comes to between $4 billion and $20 billion annually. In some suburban areas, parking spaces outnumber drivers, and parking lots as big as small neighborhoods dot the countryside. One

The Importance of a Clean Parking Lot

Written by Business Success on . Posted in Dc sweeping service, Parking lot cleaning services, Road sweeping services

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When you own a business, you are responsible for the safety and the health of your customers when they frequent your business. You can protect your customer?s health and safety by taking necessary precautions. One of these safety precautions is ensuring that your business and your parking lots are clean and orderly at all times. Not only can a dirty or debris filled parking lot or business cause safety hazards or health concerns for your customers, it can also deter your customer?s from returning or recommending your business to their family and friends. There are many ways that a business owner should ensure cleanliness of their business.

Natural debris occurs outdoors, on the streets and in the parking lots. When customers track through this debris, they track it into the store. It can be diffic