Frozen Yogurt, Machines, and Everything In Between

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Do you love desserts? If so, then what is your favorite? Are you someone that maybe prefers to get in one some hard or soft serve ice cream? Or are you someone that wants to chow down on some frozen yogurt. If you are a part of the latter group then you may want to look into getting yourself a Taylor frozen yogurt machine.

Ice cream is among the top three items most missed by astronauts on space missions according to NASA. The others are pizza and fizzy drinks. If there are astronauts that want ice cream on missions to space then you best believe that this is a popular dessert. Plus, one can make the argument that dessert is beloved amongst Americans more than any other kind of food.

In the United States of America, vanilla ice cream is commemorated annually with its own special day, the 23rd July is National Vanilla Ice Day. Not just ice cream in general but one specific flavor has an entire day dedicated to it. Thus, there is plenty of reason to believe that people want to