Trade Show Shipments and Other Logistics Options

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Shipping is a valuable part of any industry, and when trade shows are part of your business it is important to make sure that your booth is set up properly. Trade show shipments can be different containers that fold up and ship in whole. Different shipping containers provide various services, including containers for business shipping services to those that ship actual products and supplies. Both used and new shipping containers can provide the services needed for all businesses including trade shows.

Different Shipping Containers Available

While some containers are specifically needed for the shipment of business supplies, others are useful for helping you carry out business around the world. Trade show freight carriers and trade show logistics help to send your booth directly to the next business spot. A trade show is one of these events whe

The Basics of Aerospace Logistics

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Expedited trucking

The industries that are able to move products from one location to another play vital roles in the American and global economies. When you think about the aerospace logistics definition, it helps to look back at the history of aerospace logistics services.

The first time cargo went from one city to another in a plane was on November 7, 1910. Philip Orin Pamelee brought 200 pounds of silk from Dayton to Columbus, Ohio. It needed to arrive quickly to get to get there for the grand opening of a store. The Wright bothers were quoted in newspapers at the time, as saying the flight with the silk took just over an hour (66 minutes). Official records have that same flight as being only 57 minutes long.

About three months later, the first shipment of mail was sent on a plane. Sir Walter Windham want