Cloud Services Provide Clients with Both Flexibility and Security

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The sales manager took the phone call that alerted the data storage center to an immediate change that the customer wanted. The customer, not the cloud communications provider, had inadvertently changed their IPO address. And even though the cloud communications provider had not caused the mistake, the responding sales manager was able to solve the problem. In fact, within a few minutes, the sales manager made the necessary phone calls and opened a source ticket to alert the team to the change as well.
Cloud brokerage services obviously provide the necessary data center storage that their customers need, but they also understand and help customers navigate other situations as well. Solution engineers with with the entire cloud service brokerage teams to meet the needs of each customer. Whether it is addressing an unexpected public IP address that was accidentally changed or working with the cloud network group who has promised to check into how the change occurred, solutions engineers serve as the contact between sales,, customers, and system designers.
The Cloud Equipment Global Market Will Reach $79.1 billion by 2018
Currently, 59% of large enterprises indicate that improved integration between development and operations is the reason they use cloud storage. The same 59% of businesses indicate that their use of cloud services allows them to seamlessly share data across a variety of applications.
Research indicates that most companies are looking at entering or expanding their presence in the cloud storage and communications platform. In fact, 70% of the top IT executives are currently involved in the cloud purchase process. And while some plan to make use of a private or public cloud, it is even more common to for customers to subscribe to a hybrid:

  • 60% of companies indicate that they use the public cloud
  • 57% of companies indicate that they use the private cloud
  • 19% of companies indicate that they use hybrid cloud services, a mix of both public and private cloud space

We live in a world full of digital information. So much digital information, in fact, that it is nearly impossible for most companies to manage the storage of all of this information. In almost all cases, businesses as diverse as government agencies, hospital systems, school districts, financial institutions, and retail companies store their necessary data with cloud communications and services providers. These cloud services are backed up at secure data centers and are managed by cloud brokers. Off site storage provides stability and security while at the same time saving companies expenses for hardware and software. For instance, by using the IT services cloud computing model, the national government plans to reduce its data center infrastructure costs by as much as 30%.

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