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When you hire the wrong sales rep, you typically lose 6 to 10 times their base salary through lost revenue and missed opportunities. When you consider that turnover in sales organizations can be rather high, it makes sense to properly evaluate and screen any potential sales reps before bringing them on board. Executive search and selection focused on headhunter sales recruiting allows you to screen out less qualified applicants and more efficiently hire high performers.

When hiring sales representatives, normally only 10% will fully create a positive ROI within your business. You may be able to improve those numbers using executive recruiting firms to help with your search, but you should perform some preliminary research to determine which headhunter sales recruiters are the best fit for your organization.

Larger numbers of sales pros can be found in almost every industry these days, but finding those with effective track records are not so easy to retain. In the U.S., over one third are going to miss their monthly quota and approximately 20 percent are not teachable. The effectiveness diminishes as turnover begins to run close to 40% for sales teams. With those odds, it is easy to see how the best sales people can be difficult to find.

Industry recommendations may be helpful, but you can use sites like linkedin to research various recruitment firms. By using an online networking site, it allows you to connect with previous clients to ask about their challenges and successes. Additionally, it gives you the ability to select executive search firms that focus on your industry for headhunter sales opportunities. Their industry specialization may be a good sign that they have the expertise and connections to recruit on your behalf.

As you narrow down your list of potential recruiters, you should look at the specific comments to determine how their clients categorized their experiences. This will include reviews from both employees and client companies that have used the recruiting agencies. You can use this information to follow up with specific questions about the process and their screening capabilities.

Finally, one of the main benefits of using a sales recruitment firm is their ability to screen resumes and applicants for you. By initially eliminating the unqualified candidates, you should be able to schedule fewer interviews to find your new salesperson. By finding the right recruiting firm for your business, your timeline could be shorter and you may greater success at recruiting a profitable sales person for your business. Good refereneces.

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