Five Tips for More Efficient Warehouse Operation

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Leasing commercial property

Companies are often under the impression that their distribution warehouse space is functioning to its full capacity, and that as long as everything rolls out on time, it’s fine. However, most warehouse operations could use an update, especially to increase efficiency.

The keys to efficiency are organization, training, and teamwork. Once those are mastered, industrial warehouse space becomes that much more valuable. If you’re looking for a bit of re-organization, here are five tips to help increase your warehouse efficiency.

Profile Your Orders

The most-used SKUs usually change depending on the season, so re-slot your warehouse to accommodate your business model, and review the setup at least once a year. This method ensures that your most popular SKUs are in a more accessible location for staff to reach.

Use Software to Sequence

Sequencing your orders through a variety of systems is a surefire way to save a tremendous amount of time in your distribution warehouse space. You should be able to do this with software that you already have, it’s simply a matter of implementing the process.

Consider Automation

Warehouse staff usually spend about 60% of their time simply walking and moving items around to prepare them for shipping. An automated process would allow you to take back some of this time and not only let your staff work on important projects, but get items out more quickly.

Understand Available Technological Options

There are countless technologies available to increase productivity and accuracy in any warehouse space. A few of them include bar codes, radio frequency, pick-to-label, pick-to-light, and voice-activated technologies.

Consider Another Warehouse

Leasing a warehouse is a detailed task, but one that could benefit your efficiency. Sometimes a floor plan may not work the way you want, and other times, a warehouse may simply grow too small for your needs. Finding a warehouse to rent that encompasses your specific business needs is much better than staying in a warehouse that cramps or deters your business.

Whether you decide to rent a warehouse for additional space and efficiency or stay in the same commercial warehouse, these five tips should offer some solutions to any efficiency issues you may be experiencing.

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