I Scream You Scream the Ice Cream Machine is Clean

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Ice cream is a popular dessert loved by many. It has it’s own special day known as “National Vanilla Ice Day” celebrated on July 23rd and is one of the three foods most missed while astronauts are in space. It has come a long way since the 1970′s and 1980′s. Ice cream used to be made with raw eggs, causing many people to become ill after eating it, since then it no longer contains raw eggs. Traditional ice cream is not made using a soft serve machine or an ice cream machine. These machines, such as a Taylor soft serve ice cream machine, make dispensing ice cream easier, however they should be cleaned properly to avoid making people sick for reasons other than raw eggs. Read below to see some helpful tips for cleaning your Taylor 168 ice cream machine or any other soft serve ice cream machine.

Shut it off

It is important to ensure that your machine is in wash mode. This is important because if it is not then the water could freeze in the machine and damage the machine. The wash mode allows the water to flow through the machine to properly clean all inside parts.

Proper Tools

There are certain things that should never be used to clean your Taylor 168 ice cream machine or other soft serve machines. Things like screwdrivers may seem like a good idea to remove stuck on debris, but they are not. Items that are specifically made for your machine should be the only ones that you use. Using other items such as a screwdriver can chip or damage metal parts on the machine.

Owner’s Manual

When cleaning parts on your machine that should be removed you should always refer to your owner’s manual. This manual will explain not only the parts that should be removed, but also how to safely remove them, clean them and replace them. Your owner’s manual will also inform you of the proper cleaning solution to use on your Taylor 168 ice cream machine.

Everyone loves ice cream, meaning your machine probably gets a lot of use. This makes proper cleaning even more important. Follow these cleaning tips to ensure that your machine is clean and operating properly to deliver that cold sweet treat everyone screams for.

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