Increase Your Business Presence With LED Digital Signage

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Were you aware that an on-site sign has the equivalent effect of running 24 full-page newspaper ads every year? When you consider the costs of running these ads, doesn’t it make sense to update your business’ signage instead of budgeting for the ongoing cost of these ads?

Many potential as well as existing customers may not be able to locate your business without a sign. A recent survey showed that 35% of the participants stated they wouldn’t have discovered a new business if there hadn’t been a sign in clear view.

If you already have a sign in place, were you aware that changing it could improve your business traffic and increase sales revenue? A survey showed that when stores replace their front wall sign with something larger, that revenues increased by 7.7%. Your current customers will definitely make note that someone is different, and may make an extra trip inside to see if there’s anything else new about your business.

Chances are that most of your existing and potential customers either live or work by your establishment. It’s been shown that this is the case with 85% of a business’ customers. Furthermore, your customers usually work or live within a 5-mile radius of your location. It’s clear that these individuals prefer to shop closer to home and work for a variety of reasons. In addition to being more convenient, it’s also likely that they prefer conducting business within their community rather than further afield.

When driving, many shoppers may make their decisions on where and when to shop based on noting a sign. According to the survey, this was the case with 68% of the participants. While some may stop at that moment, others will make note of the sign’s location for later reference. The survey also showed that 58% of the participants visited a restaurant at a later date after seeing it advertised on a billboard. Another 32% visited a retailer later in the week after making note of its sign.

If you’re wondering what type of new commercial business signs you should have installed, have you considered digital LED signs? These energy-efficient signs are expected to comprise a significant portion of the global lighting market by 2019. In fact, estimates indicate that this type of lighting will amount to 53% of the market.

You may have noticed outdoor LED displays at local churches and government offices. Chances are that you have also seen digital school signs that provide scrolling messages and other important information. The next time you see digital school signs, make note of their features. Outdoor LED Business signs are available in a variety of colors and styles. Just imagine the benefits when you have the equivalent of these digital school signs for promoting your business.

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