Marketing With Good Cosmetic Packaging

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A business that sells products will have marketing campaigns in place to promote awareness of their product and how desirable it is, but even with Internet ads and print ads, a customer may be enticed to look at or buy a product based on its package, and cosmetic packaging can be the final and possibly most important step toward securing a buy. Packaging can make or break a product based on its quality and whether it attracts attention and shows the customer why this is the best product to buy at a fair price, and research goes into figuring out just how to make appealing cosmetic packaging to put on shelves. Other supporting products for packaging such as shrink wrap packaging can keep the product safe, and custom shrink wrap labels can be very useful for sorting and organizing products to make sure they end up where they are supposed to go.

Trends in Packaging

Cosmetic Packaging can secure a sale once a customer sees the attractive packaging in a store, and even though many consumers do online research ahead of time to determine what they want to buy (and at what price), most consumers visit physical stores to buy items and many decisions are made there rather than ahead of time. Cosmetic packaging, when designed well, will help influence this in-person decision making in favor of the item being advertised.

For starters, businesses have reported that they get 30% increases in consumer interest after showing focus on the quality and nature of their products’ packaging, showi9ng that cosmetic packaging is a huge factor along with other marketing routes. In fact, packaging is the third largest industry in the United States, as it affects the selling power of most other products in a wide variety of fields from pet food to chi8ldren’s toys to men’s and women’s razor kits. What is more, good packaging helps a product and its brand stick in a consumer’s mind, and this may affect their spending habits in the future after the actual purchase. More specifically, over 50% of consumers have reported that they will make more purchases from a brand that offers premium retail packaging for its products.

Packaging is not designed in one go; rather, a mock prototype of packaging will be made by professionals first, and this is a sort of test run to determine how effective a packaging design will be, and different types of mockups may exist for different brands or sizes or shapes of packages. If the design layout on a mockup does not look as appealing as the design crew intended, such as with the feedback of a test audience, the packaging can be designed several more times until a final aesthetic is decided upon, and this is what will appear on retailer shelves.

Cosmetic packaging can make use of a number of techniques. Photograph are one strategy that can be used, where photos will show the actual item in clear detail so customers can see what they will get, and such photos may often show attractive and happy people using them to create a positive mental association with the product in a consumer’s mind. As in “if I buy that brand of vacuum, it’ll make me as happy as the man in the picture using it.” Packaging may also use bright colors and patterns to make a package look appealing, and the exact colors, tones, and shapes may be affected by the type of item being sold, but in general, these patterns are meant to be eye-catching. And if a product comes in several varieties, such as dog food, colors may act as codes for the particular variation of the product being sold. What is more, some packaging allows the actual item to advertise itself, such as a clear plastic bag stapled to a piece of cardboard. Hardware may often take this approach such as nails and screws, so a customer can see and even feel what the product is like so that they can make an informed decision. Some other packages like boxes may have a cutout where the item is visible, and it is encased in clear plastic so that the consumer can see it. Children’s toys often use this approach with their packaging.

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