My Intellectual Property Has Been Stolen How Can Patent Litigation Help Me?

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Professional malpractice

Patents are a necessary part of a successful brand. Without the aid of the legal system a business can see their hard work removed through theft, dishonest practices and even lost evidence. Patent litigation can be better achieved through the aid of an arbitration service. These are designed from the ground up to make sure all laws are followed to the letter, keeping both business and grievance in proper standing should any issue reach the courtroom. Aside from patent litigation, an arbitration service is a necessary resource for any sort of civil issue brought to the court.


While this issue isn’t nearly as common as it used to be, bankruptcy still affects many businesses every year and requires them to seek out the aid of bankruptcy mediation. Bankruptcy is often a last resort for businesses that have no other option to turn to, allowing them to relocate their assets and start over new again. Studies have shown nearly 90% of all chapter 11 debtors have less than $10 million in either assets or liabilities, an additional $10 million less in revenues and fewer than 50 employees. Bankruptcy isn’t the only issue affecting modern businesses, however.


Environmental issues are starting to see more and more attention in American courtrooms. This is due to increasing awareness about chemicals and their effects on both the mental and physical health of everyday people. A recent study revealed more than 40% of Americans are worried about both indoor and outdoor air quality. They are also concerned about the effect carbon emissions, the tropospheric ozone and sulfur oxides have on their lives. Businesses that indirectly or directly contribute to environmental emissions require the aid of an arbitration service to ensure both parties are being properly heard.

Civil Cases

Civil cases can revolve around a number of issues, such as the aforementioned environmental concerns or more individual grievances. From personal injury to theft, it is your responsibility to make sure you have all your bases covered when you attempt to visit the courtroom. Back in the 1960′s around 12% of federal civil cases would go to trial. As of today, experts have found the percentage of civil cases that reach trial is only at 1%. This is due to the majority of civil cases being solved with the aid of patent litigation or complex civil litigation services.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

When your intellectual properties are under threat and you are running low on options, a patent litigation service can help. A patent is a legal representation fo your idea or product, protecting it from any outside party that wishes to use it or alter it without your express consent. An arbitrator can help your business maintain proper confidentiality while enforcing both local and nationwide laws concerning your responsibility and the responsibility of all parties involved. Contact your local law firm and see how they can assist you with implementing a patent, protecting your intellectual property or simply answering any questions you have.

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