Six Traditional 15th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

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Crystal thank you gifts

Following the traditional wedding anniversary gifts is a great way to remain consistent with gift ideas. Otherwise, it can eventually get difficult to think up new ideas, especially if you have been married for many years. The traditional 15th anniversary gift idea is crystal. Fortunately, there are many crystal gifts to consider.

Crystal plaques
Plaques are often given as a sign of appreciation to an employee of many years. You also appreciate your marriage, your spouse, and everything they do. Gifting a crystal plaque for your traditional 15th anniversary gift shows that you really appreciate them. You can come up with any message to engrave on the plaque including a best wife or husband award, best parent award, or simply a favorite quote that you share in your marriage.

Crystal dishes
Crystal dishes are perhaps the most common traditional 15th anniversary gift idea. Crystal dishes can act as both a warm gesture and also a decorative item. You and your spouse can display the crystal dishes in your house together. You can also choose to eat your meals off of your crystal dishes. You can purchase cups, plates, bowls, or even wine glasses in a high quality crystal material.

Crystal photo frame
A crystal photo frame is also a wonderful traditional 15th anniversary gift idea and also makes for a great 15th anniversary gift for husband. You can choose to include a photograph in the frame or gift it empty. If you are looking for photograph ideas to include, consider a favorite image from your wedding. You can also include a photograph of the family, a favorite vacation, or just an everyday photo of you and your spouse. Some suppliers even have the ability to engrave a message into your photo frame, making it an even more meaningful gift.

Job related anniversary gifts
A person?s job is often an important part of who they are. If your 15th anniversary happens to fall on a job significant event, like a work anniversary or retirement, you can easily incorporate crystal into your marriage anniversary gift. The average age of retirement is 636, so it is possible to share a similar work and marriage anniversary. If you are looking for job related crystal gifts, consider pastor anniversary gifts or even a retirement award. Engrave the award for even more personalization.

Crystal jewelry
It has been 15 years since you married your spouse. This is a great time to purchase them another piece of jewelry that shows your level of commitment and appreciation. Purchasing crystal jewelry can give you a unique jewelry option. Crystal jewelry is often very noticeable and your spouse can share with everyone the story behind its crystal materials.

A crystal gift holder
If you already had a gift idea in mind, don?t let the traditional gift rule stop you from getting it. Perhaps you wanted to plan a beach vacation for you and your spouse. You can still easily incorporate crystal into your anniversary with a crystal gift holder. Print out the tickets for the trip and place them into the crystal holder. Not only will you throw them off, but they are likely to enjoy the amount of thought put into the gift.

The average age in the U.S. to get married is around 27 for women and 29 for men. Marriage for 15 years is no easy task and it means that you have purchased 14 anniversary gifts for your spouse. The traditional 15th anniversary gift idea is crystal. Luckily, there are many traditional and unique ways to incorporate this tradition into your gift idea.

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