The Role of Purchasing Agents within The Air Cargo Industry

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If you’re interested in knowing more about cargo airlines and the types of positions that are available within this industry, you’re probably aware that air cargo services transport cargo nationally as well as internationally. These services serve an important role in ensuring that products and services are delivered safely to their destinations.

Air cargo services in particular maintain a more stringent control over the shipping process. This is because air freight is often the choice for time-sensitive products and information. Furthermore, since air transportation doesn’t take as long as other methods, such as sea freight shipping, travel and connection time is greatly reduced.

In addition to point-to-point transportation being more eco-friendly due to less travel time and fewer connecting stops, cargo is less likely to sustain damage or spoil. This greatly assists with quality control and customer satisfaction.

Purchasing agents are one of the key types of personnel within the air cargo industry. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Occupational Outlook Handbook’s, purchasing agent job description, this position is multi-faceted.

In brief, according to the BLS, purchasing agents may also be referred to as “buyers” because they purchase products and services on behalf of others. In addition to purchasing products and services for resale, they may also purchase these on behalf of a specific company or organization.

A general purchasing agent job description includes the following activities:

    Evaluating suppliers
    Negotiating contracts
    Determining product quality

Purchasing agents tend to be in close contact with manufacturers and suppliers in order to determine that different types of freight and services will be delivered in a timely manner. Once a supplier has been chosen, contracts are negotiated, and then the purchasing agent will place the order and schedule delivery.

While there are other purchasing agent duties that may be included in a purchasing agent job description, these will vary by employer as well as the type of products and services involved. Tracking shipments, for example, is another duty that may need to be performed from time-to-time.

It is interesting to note that the air cargo industry is responsible for approximately 30% of global shipping. In 2012 alone, Boeing reported that cargo-only planes shipped roughly 60% of all global air-freight. This industry serves an important role with ensuring that products and services are available when needed.
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