What is a Presentation Folder?

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What is a presentation folder

So exactly just what is a presentation folder and what role can they play in your day to day business efforts? From the name, you can probably guess just what is a presentation folder. It is a pocket folder or document folder that can contain paperwork for a presentation. These presentation folders usually have one or two, and sometimes three pockets to help keep papers organized. People who ask what is a presentation folder often mistakenly call them “vanilla folders”, when in fact they should be called manila folders.

Some people often ask what is a presentation folder used for. They have many different uses including being used by companies for conferences, proposals, and all kinds of different presentations. Custom presentation folders or customized pocket folders lend an air of professionalism when presented to clients. Of course, holding homework and school presentation are other benefits of what is a presentation folder used for.

And, then there is the question of what is a presentation folder made from. Usually standard pocket folders are made of a thick paper stock. They may come in either a matte or gloss finish. Some folders may also feature an aqueous coating for an extra shiny finish. And you may ask what is a presentation folder style? Some are bi fold and open like a book. Some other options of what is a presentation folder style feature a tri fold look with three panels, and often three pockets for a very unique look. Most of these presentation folders feature a place for a business card.

You may be asking about what is a presentation folder size availability? Usually, they come in a traditional 8.5 inch by 11 inch size. There are options available for legal sized documents that are 14 inches in height. Custom presentation folders can come in any size or shape you like. These custom folders are generally created by designers or print houses.
The final question about what is a presentation folder is probably where you can find them. Regular folders are available at any office supply retailer, and custom folders are created via designers and print companies.
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