What Technology Most Benefits Your Manufacturing Plant?

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Industrial coating service

Some of the best technologies make an impact on several industries. For instance, metal coatings are so important that they are used in the firearms industry, the automotive industry, and the oil industry. In fact, the technology that is used in to create the most durable metal coatings is important to the progress of many industries.
When an important process like thermal spray coatings are used in the firearm industry, this method enabled the process that can have value supporting our the maximum hardness that can be achieved. The fact that these wear-resistant coatings are both unique and proprietary allows them to blend diamond-based components and metal to achieve exceptional toughness, strength, and hardness, as well as a broad range of other desired performance qualities.
Finding a way to solve the most challenging problems of constant wear is a solution that is important to a variety of fields. In fact, abrasion resistant coatings continue to make their ways into more industries even today. Consider some of these current uses for this important technology:

  • Hving a reliable and affordable supplier for the technologies that you use the most is the secret to manufacturing success.
  • Abrasion resistant coatings enable important moving parts to have a longer life.
  • Realizing that the key components in a firearm or an automobile wears out faster than the other less used parts is frustrating. Finding a hard coating technology to eliminate this problem is important.
  • Diamond like carbon coatings help protect many pivoting and rotating parts.

  • Airport surfaces, roadways, and parking lots require traffic marking paint, an industry that had a value of $454 million in the year 2014.
  • Sliding wear coatings are part of the industrial maintenance coating industry, which is the second largest sub-segment of an industry that was valued at $1.3 billion in the year 2014.

  • No industry can operate without components that are wear resistant. From resistant paint to resistant metal coatings, these technologies keep the world’s manufacturing plants and service industries running.
  • Aluminum metal coatings are available in two forms: the hot dipped metal coating of pure aluminum and hot-dipped aluminum silicon. Each kind has its own functions for corrosion protection. Hot dipped aluminum silicon has an extraordinary heat resistance of 1250 degree Fahrenheit, and heat reflectivity of 900 degree Fahrenheit.
  • In the year 2014, 352 million gallons of industrial coatings were sold to customer industries at a value of $6.8 billion.
  • Learning which suppliers can provide with the most reliable components is an important part of any manufacturing job.
  • Strong parts lead to reliable pieces of equipment and machines.

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