Who Requires You to Implement a Specialized Safety Course For Your Hazmat Workers?

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Nearly 94% of the hazmat shipments completed each day are transported by truck. Companies that transport materials deemed to be a hazard to public health by the Department of Transportation must have their employees pass a DOT training course for shipping hazardous materials. Seem simple? While the rules are straightforward, implementing them can be tricky. Here’s a simple guide on how to keep in compliance.

How a Company Can Best Support Their Workers’ Professional Needs.

Most hazmat workers receive about 40 hours of mandated instruction, sometimes including specific state licenses, by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. OSHA does not have jurisdiction over vehicles traveling over public roads. Therefore a DOT training course is not a safety requirement just for the employee, but for the safety of the public as well. Required training for shipping hazmat materials falls under the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) jurisdiction.

When Does Someone Need to Take the Course?

A DOT training course is required to be re-taken every three years. The employee is not re-certified exactly; they must re-take the entire course and re-test to pass. Also, those who have passed the test must still stay alert to changes to the current rules and regulations.

Getting Certified: What’s Required?

DOT hazmat training will be slightly different from employee to employee according to their job requirements. However, there are certain areas that are covered in everyone’s training.

    1. General Awareness Training

    2. Function-specific Training

    3. Security Awareness Training

    4. Safety Training

    5. Security Plan Training

    and of course:

    6. Driver Safety Training

Who Needs to a DOT Training Course?

Any employee who will handle hazmat during the course of their work day, even if it is not everyday, will need to be certified. Employees who will come into contact with the hazmat during the shipping process will need to be certified because they effect the safety of the process. This means that even if all an employee is required to do is put the correct hazmat sticker on a package, they still need the DOT training course. Mangers who supervise these employees will also require the training. Drivers of hazmat materials will of course need all six sections of the DOT training course.

Shipping hazardous materials is a serious process. Special training is the primary way that the EPA and DOT keep the public and the environment safe. If your company ships hazmat, ensure that your employees receive the correct training to safely perform their job.

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