Why Should You Choose Stainless Steel in Your Products?

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Minimum yield strength

What is stainless steel? Stainless steel is actually made out of iron alloys with a minimum of 10.5% chromium. You will usually find stainless steel being used in the food and medical industries in a variety of products because it is found to be easily cleaned and sanitized, making it a wonderful aspect in these communities. Most of all, it is used by designers in households we see today, because it is known for its style. Today, you can find stainless steel products virtually anywhere on the market. Steels tend to be study. In fact, they are generally a large percentage heavier than aluminum and have a very specific strength.

There are various grades of steel, with Stainless Steel 304 being the most common grade of stainless steel. There are various types of stainless steel grades. 304 is also known to be the most widely used stainless steel on the market. It has good welding properties, which makes it the go-to choice for almost any industry using it to make certain products, and is resistant and extremely strong. Because it can be formed into various shapes, many companies tend to go to this type of stainless steel for the most intricate project. This is why you find it in sinks, tabletops, refrigerators, utensils, and anything else you could find in your home.

Our alloy steels are designated in four different classes: structural steels, tools and die steels, magnetic alloys, and stainless and heat-resisting steels. Did you know that, when you are choosing stainless steel, you are choosing one of the most popular types of steels used today? Four of the most common metals you will find in our construction industries across the country include carbon steel, aluminum, copper, and stainless steel. We even offer stainless steel 316, which is “marine grade” steel. Submarines must operate with metals made of high yield strength since they are trying to avoid detection by sonar. This is why this type of steel is the best option for them. Stainless Steel 316 is also used in other varieties of equipment, from jet engine parts, to lab equipment, to boat fittings, food processing equipment, and more.

With many stainless steel products on the market today, it’s no wonder that this industry is gaining so much attention! These alloys are sometimes difficult to find, but with the right company, anything is possible.

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