Why You Need EPA Hazardous Waste Training

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Working with hazardous wastes is actually very common. In fact, every day people work with hazardous waste materials, and handling these materials is a big responsibility. EPA hazardous waste training is mandatory for many people who drive trucks that contain hazardous wastes. You don’t have to come into direct contact with these materials to require training, or to need certification to get a specific handling or transportation job. Anyone who helps transport hazardous waste needs to undergo special training to know how to handle this material safely not just for themselves, but for everyone else who may be exposed to these materials.

Who Handles Hazardous Wastes?

Professionals in many different industries work with hazardous waste materials, even though they may not know it. Hazardous waste materials are so common, many people don’t regard them as being dangerous — but they are. Many professionals come into regular contact with hazardous materials. This includes people who work in refineries, government employees, hazmat truck drivers and hazmat employees.

All of these professionals need DOT hazmat certification or some other type of training, such as OSHA hazmat training or EPA hazardous waste training. There are many federal and state standards for hazardous waste handling and transportation, and some places have their own city and/or county regulations as well.

If everyone handles hazardous waste materials safely and follows all regulations, there is a much smaller risk that people will be unnecessarily or dangerously exposed to these materials. Hazardous waste management certification isn’t just a professional requirement, it’s an insurance policy against harming yourself and others.

EPA Hazardous Waste Training

The EPA provides many different training modules for those who handle hazardous waste and work with potentially dangerous materials, either through transportation or some other career field. EPA training courses include the information professionals need to know to get DOT hazmat certification and pass OSHA hazmat training courses.

Most hazmat workers complete up to 40 hours of training, which is mandated by OSHA. Some workers are required to undergo additional training, depending on state requirements. Some employers may even have their own specific certification requirements for employees. EPA hazardous waste training courses can help professionals get up to speed on everything they need to know for their individual federal and state requirements.

Hazardous Waste Management Certification

Receiving some type of hazardous waste management certification or certified OSHA hazmat training can open the door to many more job opportunities. Flammable liquids, primarily gasoline, are the most-transported hazardous materials in the US. That means there’s a great demand for professionals who can transport these materials. Those who already have the training and certification have a much wider pool of job opportunities available to them, because this is an in-demand skill.

Approximately 11 billion tons of freight are shipped in the US across more than 250 billion miles by trucks every single year. That includes more than 3 billion tons of hazardous materials. Around 94% of daily hazmat shipments are done by truck. Professionals who have completed EPA hazardous waste training courses to receive DOT hazmat certification or other certifications can find opportunities in lots of places, because hazardous waste materials are being shipped every single day.

Working with Hazardous Wastes

Working with hazardous wastes is a little daunting, but it doesn’t have to be scary. With the right training and the knowledge, anyone can learn how to safely handle these materials and pass OSHA hazmat training and DOT training course work. Even those who drive trucks may need OSHA training in order to qualify to transport specific materials, so many professionals need EPA hazardous waste training courses.

Those who are certified and trained for working with hazardous wastes have an in-demand skill that they will never lose. Once you’re certified, it’s much easier to get recertified if needed because you already have the training and the knowledge. They say that knowledge never hurts. When it comes to knowing how to handle hazardous wastes, they’re absolutely correct.

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