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What to Do if You Get Stuck in an Elevator

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No one likes the idea of being stuck in an elevator; small, cramped space, who knows how many people, for some reason the air conditioning always goes out to. It’s just not a fun time. I remember one time in middle school there was about 15 of us kids and one teacher crammed into a commercial elevator on a field trip and it got stuck. The boys thought it would be a great idea to jump up and down and scare the girls and of course, no one was listening to the teacher. I don’t remember exactly what happened but it was terrifying. I just kept envisioning the elevator cables snapping and us plunging downwards because of these ridiculous, jumping boys. Needless to say, that did

A Beginner’s Guide to Finding a Great Retail Space for Lease

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Commercial space for rent

Are you looking for large retail space to rent for the first time? If so, you have come to the right place. Finding commercial space for rent can be an overwhelming and difficult process. There are so many moving pieces that have to fall in place to make it work, and the business space for that rent you end up in has a huge impact on your success. Finding a space that helps your business thrive that your wallet can accommodate is a delicate balance. To help you out, we have put together a guide to looking for the perfect large retail space for rent, without going broke:

  1. Determine Your Budget
    The two most common mistakes retailers make when looking for large retail space for rent is getting into a space that cost more than they can afford, or landing Continue Reading No Comments