3 Marketing Tactics a Brand Development Firm Can Use to Make Your Banking Business Stand Out

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brand development firmThe world of banking is full of fierce competition, so getting ahead often comes down to marketing. Whether you’re a small town credit union or a large multinational financial institution, you need a comprehensive advertising strategy for both online and the real world.

The solution? Hiring a brand development firm, who can figure out just how you can reach your target demographic. Here are three marketing tactics that these ad agencies can use to help you.

Get your business online.
There’s a good chance that your business has a website, but is it in need of an upgrade? If you’re just starting to work with a brand development company or thinking about it, then the answer to that question is probably yes. Online banking is especially important to Americans, 51% of whom use these types of websites. That totals an estimated 69 million adults or 61% of total internet users. Additionally, more than 50% of today’s top 5,800 banks also offer mobile banking, which is a major benefit to the 80% of online adults who own smartphones, too. Remaining competitive in this market is crucial for all financial institutions, so a digital ad agency will often focus on both design and usability.

Develop creative marketing strategies.
But getting online doesn’t just include having a website. One of the most important marketing tactics that a brand development firm should be able to offer your business is the chance to go social. If your ad agency isn’t embracing social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or other apps, then you’re not really branding yourself. In addition to online advertising, banks should also look for strategies that will help enhance the consumer’s experience in-person and online.

Manage your reputation.
Americans today have a lot to be worried about, especially when it comes to their finances. Although the recession of 2008 is behind them, they still may have concerns about money on a day-to-day basis. Banks should do what they can to let consumers know that they are on Americans’ sides. Social media presence helps, but a brand development firm can also help coach a business on reaching target customers and keeping them happy.

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Getting help with franchise marketing

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Franchise consultant

According to some recent findings by the Pew Internet and American Life project, about 90 percent of smart phone owners say that they surf the web and check email on their personal device. Until the demise of the dot com bubble in the late 1990s and early 2000s, outbound marketing was the king. Afterwards, however, inbound marketing with an emphasis on info sharing, interactivity, and collaboration, began to take over.

It has been many years since family dinners were first interrupted by the telemarketers in 1970s. These days, franchise marketing and brand marketing agency specialists use much different techniques to attract customers. Talk to brand consulting and franchise marketing companies, and see if they can be the right franchise consultant for your business. Make sure to find a company that knows that B2B companies which maintain blogs generate about 2 thirds more leads per month on average than non blogging companies, and that quality of content is much more important than quantity when it comes to making moves in terms of content marketing. Choose wisely; a good franchise marketing firm can really help you bring your business to the next level.