Most Burglaries Can Be Prevented With Just One Installation Protecting Your Business With Security Alarms

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It’s better to be proactive than reactive.

This logic can be applied to many things in life. When it comes to the safety of your business or establishment? This is the single unifying factor between you and losing both money and the confidence of your clientele. Alarm systems are meant to deter malicious parties and protect your investment, providing a protective barrier that pays for itself easily. Anything less than today’s most efficient services and security systems is putting your hard work at risk.

Business security solutions may evolve with technology, but some things never change. Here’s what a simple installation can do to keep you and your investment safe.

Did You Know?

There are far too many misconceptions swirling around concerning services and security systems. The stereotypical image of the burglar clad in a ski mask breaking in during the dead of night is rare at best. Inventory shrink, property damage, and hacking attempts are far more common and where you should be putting your energy. Local law enforcement responds to nearly 40 million alarm activations every year, with the vast majority being falsely activated. Even then, the alarm system for businesses is a consistent peace-of-mind.

Reduce Rates Of Inventory Shrink

This is one area you’re likely familiar with if you work in retail, though this can affect any physical business over time. Inventory shrink is a term used to denote the loss of products over an extended period of time, often through theft (and sometimes through mismanagement). It’s estimated up to 40% of inventory shrink today is due to shoplifting, with another 35% to employee theft. An audio-based intrusion detection system can be paired with high-quality cameras to keep an eye on all things, at all times. These also have another benefit you might not be aware of.

Deter The Majority Of Burglaries

Believe it or not, most burglaries can be easily deterred with the mere presence of today’s alarm services and security systems. One study took the time to interview several repeat offenders to get a better perspective on what’s going through the mind of a burglar during the act. Over 80% of offenders stated they would attempt to determine if an alarm was present before going through with the burglary. Even the most impulsive and unplanned burglaries would still see 50% giving up if a camera or alarm system was spotted. Imagine how much you’re preventing with just one installation.

Prevent The Onset Of Property Damage

Businesses lose money from inventory shrink, poorly managed shipments, and the simple nature of a dynamic economy. Property damage, though, can be difficult to bounce back from. Not only does it cost money to repair it, the sight of a ruined establishment can affect the confidence of your future visitors. Back in 2013 victims of burglary offenses suffered nearly $5 billion in property losses. The benefits of access control systems are incredibly useful, for everyone involved, and can be installed easily.

Choosing A Security System In 2019

Today’s statistics can easily be improved with a more proactive attitude. Fortunately, it’s usually the first step that’s the hardest. Just one out of every seven businesses has an alarm system in place, with so many at risk for no good reason at all. It’s been proven at least 65% of burglaries can be avoided with the installation of video surveillance. This is particularly important during the end of the year, as Christmas and New Year’s sees the most break-ins than any other major holiday.

Be proactive. Look into alarm services and security systems to finally start saving some money.

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