Too Much Of A Good Thing How Protecting From The Sun Is More Than Just Staying Indoors

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How often do you think about the impact of the sun on your skin?

If the answer is, “Not much!”, you’re not alone. Many people today are simply too busy and distracted to think overmuch about the side-effects of sun. There are places to be, work to be done, and people to meet! The sad fact of the matter, however, is that neglecting this important element can leave a negative impact on your health. Melanoma is on the rise and even more superficial issues like wrinkles and age spots can be made worse by too much sun exposure.

Fortunately, solar control glass tinting is better than it’s ever been. Here’s what it can do to protect your car, protect your skin, and improve your overall quality of life.

Improve Your Utility Bill With An Installation

Are you tired of high energy bills with no end in sight? Consider solar control glass tinting to cure what ails you. It’s been found around 50% of UVA rays are able to pass through windows — window film is a highly effective solution, able to offer substantial indoor protection by blocking 99% of UVA radiation. Residential and commercial window films are able to block glare by around 50%, while allowing between 30% and 80% of natural light to still filter through. Less heat in your home means less turning on the HVAC system…good news for your bills!

Keep Your Skin Protected Year-Round

It’s not just your energy bills that’ll get some relief from the heat. Your skin is the largest organ on your body, protecting you from the elements while regulating your temperature. Solar control glass tinting is a useful addition to add to both your house and your car to keep from damaging the sensitive layers of your epidermis. The vast majority of wrinkles and age spots have been found to come not from getting on in your years, but the sun. Alongside wearing a wide brim hat and sunblock your tinted windows will help immensely.

Reduce Damage To Your Leather Car Interior

Before we continue looking at the rate of skin damage, let’s see what else your car can benefit from. Your leather seats are a plush, beautiful addition that need to be protected from harmful UV rays. Too much exposure to light can crack the surface, leaving you with an expensive problem to fix later. Another similar study by the International Window Film Association saw 50% of respondents stating they worry about the sun fading their drapes, carpets, and home furnishings. A simple safety window film will scrub all those fears away.

Protect Against Rates Of Melanoma

Skin cancer is on the rise. Alongside tanning beds we have too many people exposing themselves to the sun for extended periods of time, increasing their chances of developing a debilitating health condition. The benefits of solar control tint can extend to reducing your chances of developing melanoma, the most common form of skin cancer in the United States. There’s a popular misconception that simply being inside is enough. The International Window Film association conducted a survey that revealed two-thirds of American adults believe being indoors is all that’s needed!

The Benefits Of The Tinted Glass Window

When you invest in solar control glass tinting it invests in you. It’s a great way to protect the interior of your car and home, keeping your leather soft and your drapes from fading. It’s essential in reducing exposure to UV rays and, likewise, reducing your chances of developing wrinkles, age spots, or melanoma. Last, but not least, even your energy bills will dip a little thanks to the reduced heat. A professional window tint film can be installed quickly and last for years.

It’s time to enjoy some time in the shade. Look int oa tint to protect from sun next time you’re worried about energy bills or your health.

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