15 Ways to Choose a Business Office

More and more small businesses are going back to running their company out of a traditional brick and mortar shop. If you’re a small business owner, having a physical business office is a great way to invite customers to physically come in and see your products or services. It’s also a great way for you to remain organized and have a headquarters to run your business from. You might be wondering how to find an office space, or even wondering if it’s even worth it to operate out of a headquarters office instead of an online shop?

Benefits of an Office

Businesses are a dime a dozen, and every entrepreneur must compete with others in order to dominate the market. Whether you offer cleaning services, are an accountant with your own tax preparation business, or even run a catering company, you’re in competition with all other professionals in that field. Luckily, having a business office can help you attract the attention of clientele, make a good impression on them, and have a dedicated team and office where all your customers’ needs can be met.

Though you can run your business through online means, sometimes it’s best to get the help of a physical office to help run your company smoothly. Keep in mind that 57% of internet users say that won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website on mobile. If you don’t have the means to make a website that will operate smoothly on a mobile device, don’t know how to properly maintain a website for everyday functions, or simply can’t function well by running an online business, you should start looking at how to find an office space to run your company.

What to Look For

how to find an office space

The easiest way to know how to find an office space to run your company is to put yourself in the customers’ shoes. If you walked into a business or office, what would you want it to look like? What are the people there wearing? Would you like to see samples of products? Do you prefer a warm home or a sleek, modern feel to your business? These questions will all, of course, be answered according to what business you run. Nevertheless, there are some common factors in finding a great office space that all businesses have. Here are 15 tips you can use to know how to find an office space. Keep an open mind, conduct surveys, and take customer feedback always.

1. Functionality

As we mentioned earlier, how to find an office space will be determined solely on what your business is. For example, if you run a catering company, your office should be attached to a commercial kitchen to prepare orders. Or, if you run an interior design company, you should have a warehouse attached in order to store materials for future customers. Carpentry, masonry, electrical work, and all other businesses all require their own functional features, and you should look for these first and foremost when looking for your future office space.

2. Location

Your customers will want to visit your office at some point, so choosing a location that is easily accessible for them is crucial to not turn them away. Though you might think that getting an office space in a popular area with high foot traffic can be expensive, getting the help of a mortgage lender to help you finance your new business and office will pay for itself in the long-run. Location is everything in home real estate, and businesses are no different.

3. Lighting

how to find an office space

Whatever business you run, it’s important to consider how lighting will affect your office space and how it will help or hinder the work you’re doing. For instance, if you run a simple accounting firm, fluorescent light might be enough to get the job done, and can actually be cost-effective while running your office. However, if you run a small doll-making business, and need ample lighting to help you complete your figurines, will your office space have enough outlets? Will you need to install extra lighting that will cost more? How about if you do photography, will your new office be able to accommodate all your lighting equipment? Take all these questions into consideration, and understand the importance of lighting needs in your new business space.

4. Good Roofing

If you’re wondering how to find an office space you can trust, you need to consider the amount of maintenance and renovations that need to be done on it beforehand. One of the costliest but important renovations your new office space might need is roofing. Roofing can lead to costly and time-consuming problems, such as leaks and even mold in your office’s attic space. On top of that, inadequate roofing can lead to insufficient insulation, improper heating and cooling, and can also leave you prone to damage from weather such as hail, storms, and tornadoes. Contact a roofing company to conduct repairs on your commercial roofing as soon as possible if you notice any issues. Don’t lease a rental agreement for an office space without first knowing that the roofing has been taken care of and properly maintenanced as well.

5. Ample Space

Your business and office space will need to have ample space for not just you and the work you need to do, but for your employees and customers as well. If you run a boutique, keep in mind you will need space to store extra clothes, have a restroom for customers, and an area where customers can try on their outfits. You will also need to have room to conduct actual business affairs as well. Even if you run a small business, make sure you are not overpaying for a poorly-sized office space that will only hinder your ability to serve your customers and complete tasks.

6. Custom-Made Decor

You should be proud of your small business, and if you’re wondering how to find an office space that shows it, look no further than one that allows custom-made decor. You can hire the help of glass door tinting services to help put your business name on your door. They can even be utilized to offer privacy into other office spaces. Or, you can get an office space that has a lobby that allows for signage to be clear and visible. Even if you’re in a shared workspace, your business should have its name clearly displayed for customers and other clientele to easily come to your office for meetings.

7. Good Lobby Area

how to find an office space

As a customer, you’ll want to feel as comfortable as possible going into a business or office space to conduct matters. Make sure you have a lobby area that is inviting to customers, and that has adequate entertainment, a reception desk for any questions customers might have beforehand, or an area where customers and associates can simply relax before discussing business plans. A good lobby area makes all the difference in distinguishing your office space and is one of the first impressions that a customer or business partner will see. Don’t have dead ferns, old outdated furniture, or drab decor in your office space. Think about the customer’s view!

8. Free of Debris

A clean business and office space is one of the keys to success, as having a clean office will ensure you are able to concentrate on your work at hand. Get the help of a professional cleaning company to maintain your work and office space clear of debris, trash, and even any pests that might linger around your office. Pests such as roaches, ants, and even rats are not just unprofessional, but can even cause customers and employees alike to turn away from your business altogether. Maintaining a clean, professional, and friendly appearance goes a long way in staying ahead of the competition.

9. Energy Efficient

When looking at how to find an office space, consider ways in which you can save money by going green. Solar panels and installation are a great way to harness natural light and save on your monthly energy bills. An office that is insulated properly, uses energy-efficient plumbing, and even uses fluorescent lighting can be sure to save money on energy costs. This is important if you’re a small business just starting up. The more overhead costs you have, the more you will stress and need to make up for. You might be surprised at how well your business does by simply choosing an office space that saves you money on energy bills!

10. Good HVAC

Depending on what your business is, you might have to suffer in temperatures that are not so comfortable. If you run a mechanic shop, for instance, you might have to do work outside rain or shine in order to get the job done. But, it’s still important to maintain your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system in order to maintain a good level of comfort for employees and customers alike. Air conditioners and heating units are bound to break down at some point, so it’s important to look for an office space that has a good HVAC system to begin with and that feels comfortable temperature-wise when you visit it for the first time.

11. Space for Vehicles

how to find an office space

You are guaranteed to have at least one vehicle at your business office: yours. If you want to know how to find an office space that is convenient, make sure to look for an office space that has a driveway and space to park your vehicle, customer vehicles, and other work utility vehicles your business might utilize. Not doing so can lead to costly parking tickets, violations, and overall leave your customers dreading the trip to your office. Paving contractors can help repair or install a parking area at your office. Make sure that you get all proper building permits before starting any parking renovation project.

12. Space for Filing

Like all businesses, yours will eventually have to file taxes, file any appropriate paperwork for customers, and, in general, must be organized and filed neatly. Having a small office might make this difficult, so be sure to plan ahead and look for an office that has room where you can properly file documents. Some commercial office desks already have handy filing cabinets installed, and this can help you in saving money, and space, for filing away important documents. Consider getting business furniture to help you set up your new office space and make it more efficient.

13. Amenities for Employees

Your office space will more than likely need an area for your employees, business associates, and even guests to enjoy refreshments or their lunches, gather for meetings, use a locker room, even exercise. An executive office space is great to set aside for yourself first and foremost. Once you’ve decided which office space you will use, plan out how the rest of the office space will serve to cater to employees and guests. Choose an office with an open floor-plan if available, or one that will make your workers feel comfortable while working. This can not only ensure retention rates, but also productivity and good morale.

14. Good Plumbing

When looking at how to find an office space, keep in mind your new business office will need to have good plumbing to ensure your customers are happy. No one wants to visit an office where the toilet is always plugged, or where the water comes out rusty! Not only does it make your business look unprofessional, but also unreliable and ill-kept. Keep this in mind, and get the help of plumbers to do some renovations on your business.

15. Safe for Everyone

how to find an office space

Accidents can happen anywhere, and you must be aware of this when knowing how to find an office space. Ensure the office you are renting is properly maintained and will not cause accidents, especially if you are renting in an old building. This includes things such as ensuring electrical systems are properly working, elevators are in good order, no loose tiles or trip hazards are present, and all dangerous building materials such as asbestos have been properly removed and updated with safer materials. If you do find yourself in a legal battle, having business insurance can help in avoiding costly settlements.

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