3 Ways the Appearance and Quality of Your Wood Pallets Impact Your Business


Did you know that people in the United States plant about 1.6 billion trees annually? That is about six new trees for every one that is cut down. That makes wood and its industrial products such as wood pallets some of the most environmentally friendly materials you can use.

If you own a business, you may already be using wood pallets for safer support and easier transportation. Read on to learn more about the value of wood pallets in businesses.

Safety and Related Costs

Broken wood pallets are a safety hazard to employees. You need to keep in mind that accidents such as dropping a wood pallet on an employee’s foot require registering the incident as an occupational hazard.

Additionally, chipped wood pallets are likely to affect your workers’ vision since the chips may get into their eyes, especially during transportation. Visual accidents are particularly dangerous since people carrying heavy loads need to see clearly. Failure to consider the implications of broken wood pallets can cost you dearly in health costs.

Inspecting wood pallets regularly is necessary if you want to keep the people around you safe. You have to capture every crack and chip before it harms someone and sends them to the hospital. You also need to think about the time you can save when none of your workers needs to go to the hospital for several days due to workplace injuries.

Maintenance Will Save You Money

Most damage on wood pallets is minor and can be fixed easily. Repairing minor cracks is cheaper than waiting for the problem to worsen. One reason for this is that broken pallets can potentially hurt people, adding unnecessary medical costs to the equation. You need to respond early when handling wood pallets, especially if you own a busy store or warehouse.

Sometimes, you will discover major faults in your palettes and realize that a simple repair won’t cut it. Here, you need to think about a full replacement. Remember, the costs you incur by acting quickly are nowhere close to what you will pay once an incident involving the palettes happens. You will not only have to replace the dangerous units but also spend on medical fees.

You need to be careful where you buy wood pallets to avoid unnecessary costs. You only want to deal with retailers who offer the best after-sales services. Testimonials and online reviews will help you make this critical decision. Just because a new retailer has a pallets for sale banner, does not mean you should consider their services.

Protect Your Goods

Damaged wood pallets can easily pierce packaged products and cause some significant losses. When a crack or major chipping goes unnoticed for too long, don’t be surprised when you discover that the entire load is damaged. Moreover, your clients are likely to associate poorly maintained wood pallets with inferior products. If you care about the quality of your products, it is wise to do so for the handling, which starts with the quality of pallets you use.

Modern technology has allowed material scientists to introduce methods of improving wood pallets. If you need to replace broken or unsightly pieces, consider getting heat-treated pallets. They will serve you for longer and are unlikely to chip away or break easily.

If you are a bit tight on budget and need something to fix the problem temporarily, it is advisable to consider recycled wood pallets for sale. Avoid spending your hard-earned cash on pallets made from wood treated using older methods because they will fail faster and will be visually unappealing after a few months. While your clients care about the esthetics of your operations, you need to consider longevity as well.

Final Word

As international retail expands, wood pallets will take a more significant role in the storage and transportation of goods. Economists predict that retail will hit $27.7 trillion in value by the end of the year. Taking care of wood pallets is vital in saving business costs and keeping your workers safe at all times.

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