6 Reasons Why You Should Use Modified Shipping Container for Your Restaurant

In the last few years, it has been consistently proven that you don’t need a brick and mortar building to start a pop-up store or a restaurant. Entrepreneurs have been using their trucks as fast food joints and other types of pop-up stores. However, there is a new idea in a business where innovative restaurant operators are using shipping container modifications to start a restaurant.

You can easily start a shipping crate restaurant by collaborating with creative designers to develop the restaurant out of a modified shipping container. A shipping crate restaurant offers several benefits that you cannot get in mortar locations. These benefits are discussed below.

1. Custom Container Restaurants

Ideally, most of the shipping containers come with a variety of measurements ranging from 8 feet wide, 9.5 feet tall and 20 0r 40 feet long. However, you can easily get custom shipping containers that you can use for a custom restaurant. A custom shipping container can be made to meet the tastes and preferences of your restaurant. You will get a restaurant building that is unique from the industry. It will be difficult for you to get a custom building when using a brick and mortar building.

2. Saving on Construction

Since you are starting a business, any savings you will make will play a critical role in the success of your business. Instead of using your capital to construct your house only for you to find it difficult to start your operations, you can consider a shipping crate restaurant. At first take, you will be using something that is not needed by any other person out there in the industry, which will help you to make significant savings. You could make up to $3,000 in savings, which is important in your restaurant operations.

3. Easy to Get Up and to run

The only way you can get your money back is if your restaurant can get up and running immediately. A shipping crate restaurant can take less than five days to start operations. Therefore, in a week, you will be running and trying to recoup your money back. However, working on a brick and mortar building could take weeks and sometimes months. Besides using a considerable amount of money in the construction process, it will take you another lengthy period to start operations.

4. Better Pest and Rodent Control

Pests and rodents have for many years, proved to be Achilles hills to most of the restaurant operators. You know how tough it gets when a customer finds a dead pest in his food. This could end up sinking your restaurant. On the other hand, rodents could be feasting on your stock, which can lead to extreme business losses. However, a shipping crate restaurant does not have cracks or other openings that can allow pests and rodents to get in.

5. Restaurant Mobility

Mobility is an important factor in business. With a shipping crate restaurant, you are flexible enough to move your coffee shop to any area you may choose. You can use restaurant mobility to take advantage of events and seasons in business. Sometimes you will be forced to go where your customers are rather than waiting for them in a fixed brick and mortar restaurant. This gives you a competitive edge over other ‘big’ but fixed restaurants in the same region.

6. Environmental Sustainability

Nowadays, people want to see things reused, recycled, and modified to offer additional services rather than being disposed to the environment. A shipping container crate restaurant is environmentally friendly. It has not used any natural or artificial woods, which means that it does not have any negative impacts on the surroundings. A shipping container café can last for hundreds of years, which is an essential benefit to the environment.

Owning a restaurant requires some significant investments, especially in construction. However, using a shipping crate restaurant as an alternative for the traditional brick and mortar buildings can significantly lower your capital needs. Besides lowering your initial costs, modified shipping container cafes have a ‘cool’ factor that can attract customers into your business with ease.

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