7 Tips for Better Retail Signs

Acrylic window mounting sign holder with suction c

It is no secret that merchandise that has a sign sells faster than items that lack signs. Research done at Brigham Young University has shown that the items that have signs will outsell items that have no sign by more than 20%. Having said that, it is important to design your retail displays to get the most attention. You can pick 22 x 28 stanchion sign holders for your signs but you need to work on what it says and how it says it.

  1. Pick the right colors. When you are designing free standing signs or ones that require 22 x 28 stanchion sign holders, you should go with colors that contrast with each other but do not clash. Signs that have a lighter background are much easier to read than those with darker backgrounds. Experts say that you should avoid using neon colors. Bold and bright colors work well and can attract more people.
  2. Check how you position your sign. When it comes to signs and real estate, it is all about “location, location, location.” You may want to play around with the way your sign is positioned. Your signage is something that you are always going to be tweaking and changing. The positioning is the easiest thing to change up.
  3. Make sure everyone can read your sign. No custom retail displays are any good if people are not able to read them. This means that when you are working on the design for your sign, you should avoid making it look too busy or ornate. The font you use should be bold and simple. Most experts recommend using sans serif fonts. Using two fonts can give your sign and edge but more than that and you start to step on your own message.
  4. Get the right size. Right after location, the next most important thing for your sign is the size. Now if you have 22 x 28 stanchion sign holders, you have a set size for the sign itself but you still have to work out the size of your fonts and images. You should do mock ups of your sign and look at it from several distances to get the size just right.
  5. Use quality images. They say that a “picture is worth a thousand words.” No where is that more true than when you are talking about signs. If you are going to come up unique retail display ideas, using decent images can make the signs really stand out. The only drawback comes when you use images that are not the best quality. Inferior images will distract people from your message and defeat the purpose of the sign.
  6. Be creative.andnbsp;When you are working on a sign or display, you should have fun with the process and your end product. The more creative your sign is, the better. This is not the time to just do what has always been done.andnbsp;
  7. Make sure your sign message mirror’s your business messaging.andnbsp;When you create a sign, you need to make sure you have the right message but it also has to be along the same lines as all of your messaging. The last thing you want to do is step on your messaging for your brand with your messaging for your product.

Designing effective signs is not rocket science but you should take some time to get the message right. If you have 22 x 28 stanchion sign holder, your sigh size may be set but you need to work out all of the other details to make your sign make an impact.

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