9 Benefits of Working with Temp Service Agencies in Dallas

The search for stable employment can be hard on anyone. The competitive job market does not make it easier. A majority of job seekers are turning to temp agencies for contract hires. Some are motivated by the fact that in 2016, U.S retailers hired an extra 57,000 people to assist during the holiday season. By the end of that year, total temp employment statistics stood at 16.8 million.

Here are nine reasons why more people are working with temp job agencies.


Working under a temporary contract gives you more flexibility and the ability to make money concurrently. It also allows you to continue with your search for a more permanent job while still naturing your skills. An emerging trend is cropping up among I.T. specialists and software developers who prefer to work on a project-to-project basis to maximize the flexible nature of the temp job market.

Competitive Hourly Rates

If you are searching for an option to make cash, getting an employment agency to slot you a position among their clients may be a great way to start. Most temp services pay hourly, with the rates being higher than those in the private sector. Specialty jobs command better pay, which may rise to $35 an hour.

Fill the Gaps on Your Resume

Most H.R managers would frown at a two-year gap on your resume. Avoiding the gaps may be a better bet for your future interviews. A temporary job offers a continuous employment record that indicates motivation and a wiliness to work. Your dedication may come to pay off in the future.

Acquire New Skills

One of the downsides of remaining unemployed is the risk that your knowledge and skills may become outdated or obsolete with time. A staffing company can help you find a job through which you gain additional skills. Temp services also give first-time employees an opportunity to gain relevant work experience. This gives you an edge over other candidates in subsequent interviews.

Psychological Boost

A job search with no results to show for can be emotionally draining. Most job seekers end up suffering from ‘job search depression’ as stress factors spiral out of control. Getting a temp job may keep you on your feet and help you stay motivated in the hope of permanent placement. A recent study shows that 90% of temp workers claim that their jobs are ‘enjoyable.’

Quick Hire

Temp services appeal to companies as they can hire talented individuals faster and when absolutely in need. The shorter hiring process means ‘lower’ barriers for entry, which may grant you an opportunity to join your dream company faster. It can also enable you to ‘feel’ and experience culture at a specific company and see if they are a match for you.

Sampling various Industries

Finding work through a job agency in Dallas opens a door for you to try out a variety of industries. Experience gained through various fields will guide you to your desired niche. Employees who wish to change careers to new areas can expose themselves to new areas of business.

A Step towards Permanent Hire

More businesses are using staffing agencies for temp-to-hire services. The temporary employment allows the clients to scout for talent and test your skills before offering a full-time job. 35% of temporary workers are usually provided permanent positions, and more than 66% accept the offers. Temp agencies, therefore, help you put one foot inside the door with potential permanent employers.

Build a Professional Network

As you search for a more permanent job, you may benefit from network building through temporary employment. Temp services may link you up with professionals within your industry through contract jobs. The contacts may become reliable references for future job applications. Besides, they may appreciate your stellar work and recommend you to people in their networks.

In Conclusion

A futile job search can be frustrating. Partnering with a temp services agency may help you earn some money as you continually work on your resume. A temp job can align you to a more permanent set-up with job security.

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