A Day in The Life of a Landscape Contractor


Have you ever been curious about what a typical day in the life of a landscape contractor is like? Well here is a brief rundown of one.

When there is a site to evaluate, everything needs to be looked at including drainage. It is important to make sure that all drains and pumps are kept clean and maintained regularly to ensure there are no issues that crop up over time.

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Flowers and plants in each site are checked to make sure that they have taken root well. Advice is given to the site owners including how often they need to water or trim the plants to ensure the landscape stays neat and attractive.

Sprinklers set up by the landscape contractor are also looked at to make sure that there are no leakages, and they are watering the whole area well to avoid dry or swampy spots. It is crucial to always follow up on anything done to keep the setup going in the intended direction.

In a day, up to four sites can be visited, fueled by the gratification that all jobs are progressing well.

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