A Steel Container May Hold the Office of Your Dreams

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Are you looking for a new office space? Do you want to impress clients with some true outside-the-box thinking? If so, you may want to consider purchasing a used storage container.

Most people don’t look at old 40 foot shipping containers and see a potential office, but there are endless possibilities wrapped up within those steel walls. With the wide range of modifications available these days, a steel cargo container can easily be customized according to your business’ specific needs, giving you a portable office that’s simultaneously professional and creative.

Based on records from Jacobs, a firm that is known for design and work space construction, the average individual workstation has shrunk by more than 50% since 1992. The norm was once 80 square feet per employee, whereas Jacobs’ projects now average 39 square feet.

40 foot shipping containers offer 305 square feet of floor space each, which is more than enough room for several staff members to work comfortably inside. Wire a container up for electricity, install a heater and some air conditioning, and you’ll have a mobile office that contains everything you and your colleagues need, as well as a unique look and feel you won’t find in a standard building.

There are several companies these days that specialize in cargo container modifications. They work with individuals and small business owners to create a custom fit, designing climate controlled containers that fit their specific requirements. According to Container Auction, if a container is regularly maintained, it can last up to 20 years, providing you with a mobile space that you can utilize for decades.

For the eco-conscious, purchasing a used storage container is a great way to recycle and reuse while still getting the space you need. Each shipping container is made up of roughly 3,500 kilograms of steel–all of which is being intelligently recycled instead of disposed of in a landfill. Buying a used container also means that one less office is being built, thus saving tons of traditional building materials, such as lumber, bricks, and mortar.

A used shipping container may not look like much from the outside, but from the inside, it turns out to be a surprisingly large space that holds a great deal of potential for the right business owner. Make a smart investment, and look into used 40 foot shipping containers for sale in your area. With a bit of imagination and some clever modifications, one of these storage units may just contain your next utterly unique portable office.

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