Choosing the Right Laboratory Refrigerator or Freezer

Choosing the right lab refrigerator has never been easy, and it is not about to be. The exercise calls for both passion and practicality with regards to your specific needs when choosing a lab refrigerator or a lab freezer. If you are on the market for a good medical refrigerator freezer, start by understanding that just as there are many laboratories with specific needs, so are the lab refrigerators. There are so many potions to choose from that it becomes a challenge for first time buyers to choose the right pharmaceutical freezer. The good news is that even when you are new to the research and medical fields, you can still select the right lab refrigerator based on your refrigeration needs. The secret is that buying a pharmaceutical grade refrigerator is not the same as buying a refrigerator for home use. Take into account the kind of standards that require to be upheld when storing medical equipment and specimen. Such storage requires a certain degree of precision in storage. By understanding the basics of medical refrigeration, you can proceed to buy the right lab refrigerator by considering the following factors.

Consider the Size of Your Laboratory
When choosing a lab refrigerator, one of the things you need to consider is the size of your lab. This is perhaps the greatest determinant of what kind of fridge is most suitable for your lab operations. Think of it this way, there are many equipment that take a significant amount of space in a lab. It is the size limitation that requires you to equip your lab with just those things that can fit especially labs that are located in older buildings that cannot be remodeled. It is true that with the technological advancements taking place today, a lot of medical equipment have shrunk in size. However, complex medical equipment still needs space in a lab environment. To store a lot of samples and medical equipment, you need a relatively bigger lab refrigerator. The challenge that most people in the medical research field is that there is so much to store but very little space. There are some laboratories that do not have the space for a full-length vaccine refrigerator freezer. In such a case, your choice of lab refrigerator should be the undercounter medical refrigerator. This model can easily fit under the bench. An undercounter lab refrigerator can either be fitted with a solid or a glass door. The advantage of having a glass door on your lab refrigerator is that you are able to choose what you want to retrieve before opening the door.

Type of Material to be Stored
There are a lot of things that could go wrong in sample and equipment storage especially in the medical research field. Storing medical specimen is a sensitive exercise that requires extra caution. This is the reason why the standards of manufacturing a lab refrigerator are high. There are some substances that are extremely sensitive to temperature changes. Others are very flammable when exposed to a direct source of heat. You need to know the kind of medical freezer that is just right for your needs. If you are looking for a fridge that will be storing flammable substances, choose a spark-lab refrigerator. It is worth knowing that almost all refrigerators have components such as a thermostat, light or fan. There is always the possibility of producing tiny sparks when turning on these components. In the event that the substances stored in the lab refrigerator are flammable, the results could be catastrophic. Spark free medical refrigerators and freezers are not equipped with components that could ignite the substances in storage. If you are storing sensitive, expensive or very rare substances, your medical refrigerator should have a lock. This lock ensures that there is no unauthorized access to your medical refrigerator.

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