Design Goes A Long Way Recent Studies Show More Customers Are Sharing Products On Social Media

The package on a product is the dealbreaker. This is a curious case in which it’s not the inside that counts!

“But what about word-of-mouth or the quality of the product?”, you might be asking. While these are perfectly valid elements of any business process, you won’t get there without snagging a customer’s eye first. The packaging of your product is your best first impression and one you should put a mountain of effort towards. You’re paving the way for that coveted repeat customer and all that’s to come. How do you balance such a difficult equation on the surface?

Here are five things you should know about chocolate packaging, dog food packaging, and coffee bag packaging today. Despite their differences, there are basics that everyone can agree on!

People Read Labels, Even If They Just Appear To Be Browsing

Think customers don’t really care what you put on the bag? Recent studies suggest you should take another look at this misconception. It’s been found two out of three Americans today actively read food labels, whether they’re on a diet or just want to double-check the nutritional value. Your chocolate packaging will do well with a splashy logo, yes, but it’ll do even better with meticulously arranged details. You never know who could become your next devoted customer!

A Good Packaging Design Can Enjoy Even More Attention Online

Is your custom printed coffee bag appealing to the eye? You could be seeing even more long-term marketing opportunities. An interesting survey found 40% of respondents stating they would share a photo of a product on social media if the packaging was interesting. Think about the last time you were figuring out your digital marketing budget. A little online word-of-mouth is a pretty nice bonus, all things considered!

Coffee And Tea Packaging Has Been Taking Off

If you work in the coffee or tea industry, listen closely. These industries have been doing well for quite some time, yes, but the past decade has seen a boom in sales. Nearly 55% of Americans over the age of 18 drink coffee on a daily basis, with some estimates seeing coffee drinkers living on three cups per day. Coffee drinkers often come across tea and cider, too, which gives you lots of crossover potential to enjoy. Double-check your organic paper bags and see what you’re really selling on an average day.

Promote Your Eco-Friendly Or Social Benefits

A great way to add extra incentive to future customers and repeat customers alike is to promote your company’s benefits. This could be using organic tea packaging to keep the environment clean. Perhaps some of your sales are going to local charities and you haven’t updated your design yet. Business that pay close attention to their packaging reported an impressive 30% increase in consumer confidence, thanks to a recent study. Imagine what a 30% boost could do for you this year?

Make Sure Your Logo Is One To Be Remembered

Chocolate packaging or coffee shop packaging, what matters is a logo that really stands out in a person’s mind. With so many brands competing on the average shelf, it’s essential to be cognizant and creative. The average American supermarket holds more than 20,000 products, according to the latest studies. Good graphic design balances typography, color schemes, and/or photography. You can also utilize illustration to create a one-of-a-kind first impression that people can’t wait to share online.

Creativity and classics. Two great things that taste great together. How will your chocolate packaging and packaging for dog food level up this year?

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