Do You Need New Signs to Advertise Your Business’s Curbside Pickup?

The outdoor LED school signs are not as festive as they normally are this time of the year. No after prom open houses to invite community members to. No prom royalty to announce. No graduations to detail. Instead of flashing the latest track and field events or soccer, baseball, or softball wins, the outdoor LED school signs are simply encouraging everyone to stay strong.

These school marquees, of course, are not the only digital signs or billboards that are different during this pandemic. Church marquee signs are very different as well. At an attempt at some humor and focusing on the positive, one church used their outdoor sign to announce the bad news and the good news: the church is empty, but so is the grave.
As the nation comes to grips with the ramifications of the complete shutdowns in some parts of the country, the signage on a building may be the only way that any potential customer can tell that there is still some business going on. For while the outdoor LED school signs may do little more than announce that classes are cancelled, the small light up signs on a print shop show restaurant owners where they can go to get the banners and flags that let their patrons know that they are still serving carry out, curbside delivery, and across the city delivery as well.

Are You Looking for a Sign That the World Will Return to Normal at Some Time in the Near Future?

As strip mall parking lots remain empty and scrolling marquee signs do little more than announce the latest cancellation, there are many people who are doing their part to self isolate and limit the spread of the deadly Covid-19. Knowing that you can do your part by staying home, in fact, is the message that some outdoor LED school signs are reminding students if they want a chance to have some kind of graduation celebration later this summer. And while there are many parts of our lives that have changed because of the Corona virus, it is important to know that there are still some businesses that are finding ways to make ends meet and pay their employees. And in a time when everything can seem completely foreign, it should come as no surprise that new signage is needed for businesses that are offering modified menus and companies that are in desperate need of hiring additional employees.

No matter what is going on with the health or the economy of the nation, consider these facts and figures about the roles that advertising and marketing signs can have for a business of any size:

  • Studies show that adding or changing a sign can directly improve sales revenue for any company. Specifically, replacing a store front wall sign with a larger sign increases revenue by 7.7%
  • 58% of poll respondents 18 years or older indicated that they learned about an event they were interested in attending from information posted on a billboard.
  • 58% of poll respondents also indicated that they learned about a restaurant they later visited from a billboard they saw while in their car.
  • 26% of poll respondents noted a phone number or written on an outdoor billboard, while 28% indicated that they noticed a web site address.
  • Given how much time so many of us spend in our cars, it may come as no surprise that 68% of poll respondents reported that they frequently or sometimes make their shopping decisions while in the car
  • Visual repetition matters and 32% of poll respondents visited the retailer they saw on a billboard later that week.
  • The latest research indicates that the value of an on-site sign is the same as investing in 24 full-page newspaper ads each year.
  • 35% of people admit that they would not have discovered a business had it not been for their sign.
  • LEDs were estimated to achieve a 53% penetration of the global lighting market in the year 2019.
  • As another indication that the right kind of sign can make a big difference, 85% of a business’s customers live or work within a five-mile radius of its location.

Finding a way to advertise hopeful messages may be more challenging than in the past, but the right sign can help.

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